AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress Review

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Great for hunting or camping without messing with a tent! See what else this mattress is good for


Smith says:

Check out my 08 Chevy Colorado rig. uploaded a vid with a truck tent setup on my 5′ bed and a Napier air mattress

Bykr DooD says:

Dang joe18750….got your lil panties in a bunch don’t ya there cupcake…???
Any way we can voice our opinions on a product without having to read your thoughts on our opinions??

Sadpants McGee says:

I can’t find one of these for a short bed Tacoma anywhere.  Every one I’ve seen has center cutouts, instead of end cutouts like a short bed would require. Do they even make them?  You think they would, given the popularity of the short beds.

donlatinoh3at says:

do you even sell this product anymore went to look on your site and could not find it


where can i find one online?

joe18750 says:

What a bunch of whinny piss-ants. What about the cold, what about cover, what about insulation? Good grief, do you think these things out or are you just ready to criticize? Do you complain about a perfectly good t-bone steak because there aren’t veggies? Do you complain about a perfect sunny day, because there isn’t any rain for flowers? It’s a g–d— truck bed air mattress! You want the other accoutrements? Put on your big boy pants, and go buy them you worthless POS.

sanjay jain says:

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alejandro calderon says:

Is there one without a built in air motor??

Draves Archery says:

Check out the entire selection of Airbedz on their website. When you find what you need just give us a call! We have the lowest prices around & will beat or match anyones price!

Drunknklr says:

Draves Archery,

I’ve been trying to find a review on AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattress (green one for $100) vs  AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress (blue one for $190). Do you know anything on why I should by the blue over the green one? Thanks for your review

Daniel Leal says:

This shits for faggots….

BC9696 says:

These provide zero insulation and are not designed for use in cold climes. The cold passes right thru to your spine. Used mine once, then bought a 3″ foam pad…much warmer. Could not sleep on the air mattress…just too cold.


What about being exposed to the elements?


Yeah, but I meant when you sleep at night, you don’t have anything covering you like a tent lol
Unless you have a truck cap but thats quite odd =P

Trish Yates says:

got a meradiso air bed keeps going down but canot find if there is puncher can you help thanks

Draves Archery says:

@Charles2337 From our understanding of this product, the elements should not have an effect on it. If you can drive a truck on the mattress for a week at a time and not hurt it.. this product should last. We were very impressed with the product, and are getting one for personal use soon!

greymatter110 says:

So when the matress pops, you need to buy a whole new compressor with battery, charger, etc. If the pump fails, you need a new matress, battery, and charger. Sounds VERY expensive long-term!

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