Arrela’s easy to use & to install SpeedSmart Car Air Mattress Review

This is my review for Arrela’s SmartSpeed car air mattress. I forgot to show that is also does come with 2 inflatable pillows & a patch in case your mattress, or pillows get punctured. As you can see, the pump that it comes with airs up the mattress extremely fast! This will only work in your car, if you have a space in between your seats. I tried it in the back of my SUV where the 3rd row folds down, but then there were no spaces in between the seats for the mattress to fit, but it could go in the 2nd row & fit just fine. But I didn’t want to remove my sons car seat to do that. So I used my mom’s car for the review. This would be fantastic to keep in the car for emergencies, in case you get sleepy while taking a long trip & don’t have the money for a hotel for a quick nap. Or you could even take it camping, if you need an extra place to sleep. It also comes with a great bag to carry EVERYTHING in! YES, everything does easy fit bag into the bag once it has been removed from the bag! …it’s not like those tent bags that you can never get your tent back into once you have used it! lol
We found another use for it as you can see at the end of the video! If you flip it over it really does make a great inflatable couch! My son & I love it! If you have any questions, please post a comment & I will do my best to answer to the best of my knowledge!


Michael McGee says:

STAY AWAY!!! I Bought 2 from Amazon and they both held up for 3 months then no longer held air.

Ivy Li says:

Nice sharing

zkyokunz says:


Geeky Gamer says:

dose this waist the car battery?

Zoiibuy Inc says: this bed looks more great!

Free2BMe says:

Thanks for posting. I’ve been watching this on Amazon for a few months. How would you secure a child/person sleeping on the mattress while the car is being driven?

Filip Matyszczak says:


Zoiibuy Inc says:

suv mattress more better i think!

Renzo Vega says:

Thanks for sharing 🙂

bakayaro says:

Why doesnt it work in your car? It looks perfect fit to me.

Autumnmrv v says:

i love that lady

Nathaniel Gillman says:

Love it!

Houston Texas says:

$79.99 ur sooooo fukn dumb. on wish is like $30

Sachin Chakravarthy S says:

Where it is available to buy ? plz give Amazon link to buy .Thank you .

junqi xiong says:

I ordered one ancheer car air bed, it worked well. I like traveling, so I usually have a rest in my Honda CR-V 2012. Thanks this car mattress, very comfort, and I can get a good sleeping. The following link for your reference:

ميش مش says:

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Arie Sid says:

I love your review. I need your permission to download your video for my reference. I won’t change your content, only put my credit to you as original owner. Thanks. 🙂

Breanna Wright says:

It looked like it didn’t stay very level when you lean on the side against the back of your front seat.

eileenfb1948 says:

Thank you.

Tsukani Takuda says:

your kid is adorable. that looks too small for me to lay flat on my back. I’m 5′ 3” and my car is a nissan versa 2013. my back seat is too small.

Sonny says:

Great Video…. Thank you for posting…

Bandit Gee says:


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