EtekCity Twin Size Air Mattress With Built-In Pump Review

Originally recorded April 24, 2017.

This is a review of the EtekCity Twin Size Air Mattress With Built-In Pump.

I have already owned a different brand of air mattress. This absolutely blows it away!

First the basics:
1. It’s Twin Size. You’ll want Twin Size fitted bed sheets for this air mattress.

2. It has a built in pump. The pump works BOTH ways, so it will not only inflate the bed, but also deflate it for you! That’s really a nice plus; while jumping on a standard air mattress to deflate it is fun, there’s always air left in the pleats, corners, and pockets so it never seems to fold up as easily. With this one, it’s not a problem, the blower sucks all the air out of the nooks and crannies so folding it up is a breeze!

3. The pump is 120 volts AC. It does not work on 12 volts, however, it does have a built-in “Boston” valve to allow you to use it with another pump, possibly one that either runs on 12 volts or is battery powered.

4. It’s not necessarily meant for camping. While the material the bed is made of is very strong, errant rocks or twigs or what have you could damage the bed and puncture it. Typically, campers are very resourceful people and they will likely have something or can
find something to put under it to mitigate this issue. This bed is primarily for use inside the home, great for when you need to crash at a friend’s house or something and they don’t have a spare bed for you.

Excellent bed all around, extremely comfortable. If you leave it plugged in (by the way, the cord folds up and stores neatly in the control panel) you can adjust the firmness while you’re on it, up or down, without getting out of bed. All in all a well-made, excellent
value for the money air mattress. Highly recommended!

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lisajanefox says:

Thank you! Excellent and detailed review. This is everything I needed to know before I purchased.

Harley Badger says:

Do I spy a high pressure sodium outdoor fixture???

wtam69 says:

The mattress inflates super fast. Does it come with instructions to patch a leak? It’s not cheap but if it holds up, it is well worth it.

f23948 says:

i like to sleep on EtekCity air mattress inside of big tent while camping

lexmarks567 says:

now joe can come over and spend the night lol. you’ll never get rid of him now.

Jesse Ladner says:

Looks good Jay! The only bad part about air mattresses is that let’s say if you had cats or dogs on top of the air mattress, would they pluck a hole in it if you get what I’m asking?

Marshall H. says:

Great video and review! For putting on a rough ground, you could put down some heavy duty contractor type trash bags or a strong tarp.

freakinthecat says:

great video! love the shag carpet!

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