Intex Air Mattress Review – You will love it!

I review the Intex air mattress that I’ve been sleeping on for the last year!


Drew Dull says:

This was fantastic! Quick question though…is the Intex air mattress cat friendly? 

VicbossTV says:

THIS! is the kinda content all youtubers should aspire to make…but they can’t! cause only chris can! which is why he is versing the world! AND WINNING! i want a miserable life too..i will buy this mattress! 

StyleByZaza says:

LMAO!  Makes me want to run out and get one!  

frigginjoe says:

That mattress will save your life in a flood whether you feel it’s worth saving or not.

Raymond Mitchell says:

Lol lol I can’t believe there are actually other reviews of this bed

Alpha Gamer says:

I have the Queen size Intex Air Matress my lower back hurts and I’m walking around like a old person im Only 22!

KatherineJane001 says:

Wow! I can’t wait to never get me some of that!

Yeji Lee says:

Hi, so did the mattress give you a backache?

pab thetyrant says:

Hey man check our derrick2shot you guys should collab

Eternal Pig says:

This was really good man. I like the effects you used. I might buy the bed even though I don’t need it.

gasdorfic muncher says:

air mattress suffering you could choose to load this bullet and pull the trigger

John Ken says:

This is by far the best Intex air mattress review I have ever watched.

McCharles Severe says:


sandrine guillou says:

Hilarious review !

Comconocave says:

I’m sold! Going out and buying one now!

Sarcastic Tarahe says:

This was funny! But, in all seriousness, i really need to buy this. I’m getting rid of my old bed (Very old) Thinking of using this for 1 year. Does this bed last that long? I’m looking at the same exact bed. I heard it goes down quick though.

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