Intex Airbed Queen Size – Review

This is a quick review of the Intex Airbed Queen size.

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Raphael Aiello says:

Thanks ! I used your video to put my airbed back to box…Taking it out is easy…I was suffering to put it back  🙂

Cindy Woodall says:

I went through 3 of Intex Electric raised queen mattresses. They all popped and bubbled on one side… I hate them.

Pat Obrien says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to make your  vid.  Very helpful!

TeslaDRay says:

i use the twin, one of the best. leaks suck though, usually happen from wearing away of the seams as pressure from movement usually affects the seams the most. just gotta be gentle when preparing to get off it. every so often air naturally escapes but you can blow into it a few breaths to get it where it was. best move in the world i made sleeping on these vs spring mattresses. 6 years now.

Soldier Of Freedom says:

I got mine at wal mart, and I love it! Don’t forget that when you first air up your bed, it will seem like it’s going flat, but put a little more air in to make sure all areas are filled. It will tell you tht in the instructions.

Ferge Suaberon says:

Stupid. Did you not read the instructions on using your airbeds properly? Why are you standing on that thing?

tessalopez2005 says:

worst air bed… i have it currently… does not stay inflated.

Swaggy-C says:

You have ugly feet.

comegetsome eatingguts says:

thank you for the upload friend. good solid video! 😉

occhamite says:

You obviously don’t know much about air beds or those crooks, Intex.

The trick with air beds is to avoid putting too much air in them. You have yours way overinflated.  There should be just enough air in the bed to keep your hip bone off the ground WHEN YOU LAY ON THE BED. YOU CANNOT TELL ANYTHING BY STANDING ON THE BED, OR BY POKING AT IT WITH YOUR FEET; IT WILL APPEAR TO BE UNDERINFLATED WHEN IT IS IN FACT CORRECTLY INFLATED, and when it appears “medium firm” to your feet, it is way overinflated for laying on.

( I should note I am 205 lbs, and an experienced hiker – so I’m not too heavy, and have experience with QUALITY air matresses)

And you should find a better brand than Intex!!!!!!

I have had 3 Intex beds, all carefully used – for a SHORT period of time –  because they all failed within about a month.

Intex air beds will either a) pop their internal seams in the middle of the night, creating huge lumps in the bed which will throw your back out, or toss you right off, or b) they will start leaking, requiring you to pump them up in the middle of the night. PERMANENT repairs are next to impossible.

And the crooks at Meijer will only give you replacements for 30 days from the original purchase date, so a QUALITY air bed will be much cheaper in the long run, and much less hassle.

Selena G says:

SMH, If all these haters here on the comments section are such air mattress experts, then why the heck turn to a YouTube video for a review…?

Lina Twin says:

You not Spose to bounce on it idiot

Nus S says:

the sound is quite noisy. really distracting people around us. helicopter landing sounds

sonaku animes says:

اذا رئيتم السرير النفخ الاصلي اخبروني معة ذكر رقة العراق

63Jax says:

i don’t know what happened with mine but began to squeak so bad i can’t sleep on it anymore.

WolfgangQueen says:

thanks for uploading the video, i was looking to buy this one

Robert S says:

Are you doing a review on the air bed or the air pump ? Anyways, thats a pretty good (electric, battery or 12v) pump. What is the brand name and model of the pump ?

Redember Black says:

remove the air mattress’s check valve first when you do a prefill. Use the largest adaptor on your air pump. Once the matress is 3/4 filled, reinstall the check valve and fill to taste. i got mjne ie from flat to full in 3mins with the same air pump.

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