Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed Review



Deena Bistodeau says:

Hi, I have this air mattress and a large tent… here’s where I’m lost. Can I plug this into an extension cord and plug that into my jeep power converter to blow it up while inside the tent? Will that work?

tranquility says:

I own this and it is bar none, the BEST air mattress I have ever used. Mine is the 22″ height and it is so firm when filled, it literally feels like a regular mattress. That is how firm it is. I love it!


110v 60hz ?

Muhammad Farooq says:

i bought one yesterday, i am very happy with it….i hope it will last

Alpha Gamer says:

I have the same one i slept like a newborn baby last night! 😀

Henry Charlotten says:

I notice that your mattress seems smaller than the link you posted. It states its 22 inches tall on the link but on your video its def not its prob 15-16 inches at best.

Rudy Uribe says:

i just bought mine
it leaked air through out the day. i didn’t remove the air after the the morning i woke up. is there a reason why??

Bassline says:

If you were camping next to your car, how would you blow up the bed?

Bianca Recto says:

How is it plugged?

Carlos A says:

So this requires an ac outlet to activate pump??? how bout for the rest of us who have no ac outlet when camping?

Kevin White says:

dang wish they offered a manual pump for this. when i camp there is no where to plug it in and i dont think there is a portable power supply that can power it.

Monni Lee says:

Ok thanks

3Dtimespace says:

How is this holding up? Does it make a lot of noise when slightly deflated (as usually happens a bit). I m thinking of getting one of these as a base and putting a normal matress on top. but not sure if this will cut it for daily use like that..

Royce Henry says:

I’m looking for an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a regular mattress for my bed at home which is hurting my back it’s gotten so bad. If I were to put this on my box springs do you think it would do the job?

Music Inspires Greatness says:

Mine is loosing a bunch of air in just one hour. I have had this for over a month and this have never happened. I hear air escaping inside on one of the corners. I have no way of knowing if its Popped badly and no way to fix it. Please help ; – ;

Henrietta Owens says:

what is the length of the bed?

AV17 says:

Is this the 13 inch height?

RaTiCuS {COG} says:

LOL you people ask questions like this guy invented the mattress. Give him a break and do some research on your own questions they are stupid simple things you all ask. PETTY

Edward Enigma says:

Hey thanks for the review I needed to see a more detailed description and u brought that better than the retailer lol. Anyways I just purchased this through Amazon is it decent quality ? Cause I’ll be using it more frequent than camping trips

Exiled Summoner says:

do i really have to inflate for seven hours to stretch it out the first time

Henry Correa says:

Hands down the best air mattress out there.

indiancruise12 says:

I bought mine it is good , I will be doing a review too. I have a few points that I will raise, Deflating is by the turn knob it takes forever to deflate. There is no maximum gauge. for air pressure. it does need inflating as it looses pressure during the night.

Funky Drummer 76 says:

What size tent was that

karen guardado says:

Hey I actually just purchased this yesterday. What I did notice throughout the night every few hours I had to re inflate it. Did you happen to have this issue at all?? Also My bed didnt come with a bag to store it in did yours?

Adriel MUtopia says:

How long do they last? Im thinking about getting one instead of a mattress.

Allisha Wright says:

How do I stop leak around the pump?

john doe says:

I’m getting mine in tomorrow does the pump turn off when it’s inflated or do you have to make that decision thanks

Monni Lee says:

How do you close the airhole

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