Intex Inflatable Air Mattress Unboxing and Review with Bloopers!

We open and review the Intex Inflatable Air Mattress! Our cat enjoys it, but be aware that cats can make holes in the mattress, but you get a patch kit to fix it! We used to have to sleep in our living room because it would get 115 F near the Red Sea where we lived. We only had air conditioning in the living room, so we needed a better option to use, instead of hauling a heavy mattress out every night. We hope you enjoy this funny review!
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Ἀφροδίτη says:

I actually thought it was kitty making that noise haha sir Hadar so hilarious

Herma Swart says:

PS : The love-making could be quite interesting on this air bed ….. Haha .. lol .. Just joking you guys ! Love you .. Herma XXXXx

Alicia Paquette says:

I remember this place!

Leann Kerr says:

Do you think rafael will be able to live independently when he is older ? 🙂

Elizabeth Reynolds says:

More bloopers!!!!!


I had to recheck the day cause I think this is before babies… so fun to sleep in the living room is like a sleepover in your own home!

Herma Swart says:

Miss Kitty seemed to truly enjoy this little adventure ????? Or was this catscreeming produced by certain people in the room who shall remain unnamed … ???? lol ….. I had fun watching this … GOOD BED !!! I think you could be comfortable on it .,…… Love to all .. Herma XXXX+x

Crazy rollers curls Curls says:

Omg I can’t stop laughing my ass off!! Totally adorable Andrea and Hader ❤️

Lynn Williams says:

You two are crazy awesome lol!

Kristen Leblond says:

Great video..Kitty was killing it!!! hahahahaha

Finding My Light says:

It was funnier to see the lighter side of Hadar 🙂

Sheena Rivera says:

Lmao kitty’s like wtf is this thing?

Baby boo lover Girl says:

u and hadar were so cute on that matress together. I love kitty footage ur cat is fun to watch.

Herma Swart says:

Like …. Don’t come a knockin ‘…. when the bed is rockin’ ………… LOL XXXXx ( Or you’ll have something NEW to explain to Mr. Rafael !!!!! ) 😉 😉 😉

K OConnell says:

We had an issue with our mattress that it would slightly deflate during the night. Have you had that problem?

Candace Hood says:

I enjoyed how funny Hadar was in this video!

Candace Hood says:

Hope you guys are ok.

Tiffany Wilkinson says:

Too funny

Dee Manfre says:

Was this a few years ago Andrea?

corrine cox says:

OMG the “cat” screaming was hilarious!

Cat M says:

We had one of those,but be careful with the cat’s claws;it is possible for them to make a hole.Comfortable though.

amal Alalawi says:

Hi ,where is your son,❤this mattress

Sheena Rivera says:

Hey girl hey!!!

Sheena Rivera says:

Hadars so funny!

Danie's World says:

Y’all are so cute it’s nice just to see you and hadar interact I love the kids but you all have dynamic chemistry between each other. I hope this translates well

13271969 says:

old video you guys ok out there?

Karen F says:

I slept on that exact same model of bed for a year. I actually loved it because I like a cool firm bed. I have a cat too and was worried about his claws on the bed. I bought some cheap Wal-Mart yoga mats and blanket that I put on the mattress and then the sheet over that. No holes for the year!! Handy bed. Enjoy!!

Dora Gonzales says:

This video was hilarious you 2 are so funny I loved your kitty reactions

Monique Snabel says:

What up? Are you okay? I am worried about you guys

KristineT8 says:

I bought the same one about a year ago! My 17 year old daughter uses it when she has friends over! Very comfy. It’s doesn’t lose air overnight, at least the first night, if you keep it for a few days it loses very little air. We like! Hadar is too funny making kitty noises.

pamom1980 says:

LOL Loved this blast from the past… It’s fun seeing you back at this apartment.. 🙂 It did look like a decent air mattress though!

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