Intex Pillow Rest Raised Single Airbed – Review

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TURZO says:

Como te aburres shur jajaja Mis dieses

zit zit says:

te pareces a iñigo errejon

Scott Robinson says:

get checked at the docs for epelepsy

TheRandomDude R says:


Violeta García says:

¿Cuánto cuesta?

Tahj Fuentes says:

wtf is this dumb ass doing

Flipout says:

Mine’s died after a month developed a hole around one of the center’s little seams up near the pillow. I brought this because of this video. Their sending me another

david andrasne says:

his so so so funny, AHAHAHAHHAAA XD XD XD XD

Victoria Widjaja says:

this guy is hilarious

Windy & roxy says:


Trains6862 plays roblox. says:

he is funny i wish he would talk though or make english words and not blurr is face out !

Dinesh Jangid says:

Very funny

Yuluga Reyens says:


84sblack says:

he needs to get a girl.

Thaysa Rebeiro says:

so when its inflated can you unplug it?

BrianThePiglet says:

will the airbed break if i jump too hard

Nyasia Manning says:

is there a way to seal the air inside. I go to bed and every morning I wake up and the air is out

Senthil Kumar Sivagnana says:

good demo…

vicesat says:

Someone needs english subtitles? i can translate the video if it’s necessary

Alex Muñoz says:

que risa jeje por que no te dejas ver?

Serg Pidlisnyuk says:

Thank you, dude. Best review of this thing. I’m getting it

Mohammad Noufil Siddiqui says:

Thanks for an awesome review. Though you reminded me of Charlie Chaplin lol.


He made me laugh…very funny video! we all need to know what’s your weight? cuál es tu peso? quanto você pesa? Thanks, Gracias, Obrigado!

ogsabertooth1 says:

So what are you saying Todd,?

beholdereyes says:

saca un bate jajaja

mumutti says:

Exactly the moves that I needed to be tested, thanks man!

TeresaAlbrecht says:

Foi uma demostraçao muito divertida. Estou convencida de que vou adquirir uma cama de ar da Intex.

Ruth Zambrano says:

He is so funny! He made me laughed!

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