OUTAD Self Inflating Air Mattress with Pillow: REAL REVIEW 5

I was asked to test and review the OUTAD Self Inflating Air Mattress with Pillow for Camping. This video relates my intial results and first impressions. Thanks for watching!

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RiverBendSurvival says:

Thanks for the review! I will have to pass on this pad. I can’t believe how big it is in the stuff sack……. And then to be that short when open…….

shcmoly says:

Thanks for the info, I have not heard of this brand. Based on weight it would be for car camping only, and for that I would want a real pillow.

KrizAkoni says:

Is this self inflating or do you blow it up “yourself”? 🙂
Looks mighty big and heavy, especially for a short mattress! It might make a nice swim toy.

Adventure Outdoors says:

Thanks for the review and the warning. I think i will pass on this 🙂

Roger Lamb says:

Thank you for doing this review but I will pass on this pad.

Kentucky Woodsman says:

Great review! Looks comfortable, but it does does look pretty big and bulky. It being too short would be a problem for me too.

Stella P. says:

Too bad that pad was too short for you, but at least your son can use it. For car-camping I have a great air mattress. It’s a relatively unknown brand called Altimair and it’s about $65. I did a LOT of research…It’s been said that TPU is a better plastic than the normal PVC-made air beds for a couple of reasons: TPU mattresses are way less prone to sagging and TPU is more eco-friendly). The Altimair one comes with an battery-operated pump, a converter to charge from your car and a built in footpump, plus a few other converters so you can charge pool toys, etc.
Anyway, I’m SO happy with mine. It’s extremely comfortable for an air mattress–it only slightly sagged the 1st. night but not at all after that!
The sack it comes in has plenty of room, too.
The down side: The electric pump takes 8 AA batteries. Also if you choose to use the built-in foot pump it’s a pain in the butt (maybe I wasn’t using it right!). But I guess in a pinch you could use it.
Anyway, I just thought I’d give you my 2 cents worth brother. Maybe other of your subscribers can give you suggestions too! Oh, BTW the Altimair doesn’t come with a pillow.
Cheers! Stella

TheWeekendHiker says:

They can’t all be winners. I’m a big fan of the neo air thermarest XL myself. Thanks for sharing brother. -ATB Adam

THE WILD LIFE - An Outdoorsman's Vlog says:

Too short? Now that would really suck? Thanks for the honest review.

Sleeves says:

Great REAL review! Well done. Definitely not a backpacker’s sleeping pad. It looked comfortable and the integrated pillow is a neat idea. Maybe they were intentionally making a 3/4 length sleeping pad. Trying to get into the creator’s mind. LOL. Thank you for the information. Take care.

whatnot987 says:

It did look short man. I cant imagine having to use that. LOL 6’4 over here… My air mattress, for backpacking, folds up to smaller than a liter of coke. The name of it escapes me right now, maybe sea to summit? Thank you for the REAL review. Take care.

Lee Ralph says:

I have been looking for a change from what I have, the pillow is a plus!!!! But as you mentioned the length is an issue, even though I am not tall by any means, feet dangling off could be quite uncomfortable. It looks like it may be weighty. Thanks For the review!!!

lonestarrider says:

Great review! Your feet needs no support! 😉

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