Sleeping Pad TEST: Sea to Summit vs Thermarest vs Exped vs Klymit

We take 4 highly reviewed and purchased camping pads and put them through our four element testing process. We wanted to know the breaking point of each pad and we found it! Check this out!!!

Exped (orange):
Therm-a-rest (grey):
Sea to Summitt (red):
Klymit (green)

Exped (orange):
Therm-a-rest (grey):
Sea to Summitt (red):
Klymit (green)

Exped (orange): not available
Therm-a-rest (grey):
Sea to Summitt (red):
Klymit (green)

Exped (orange):not available
Therm-a-rest (grey): not available
Sea to Summitt (red): (green)
Klymit: (green):


ratrod diesels says:

liked the dog

Draco Malfoy says:

Hey guys its scarce here and tod…. wait wrong video

Gort Newton says:

Insulation and hip-comfort (constantly banging your hip on a hard surface will wake you often and irritate) – those are the two most important.

Judith Hitchings says:

The real threat to pads is cactus prickles and similar. Killed two of four Thermarest on a South Rim GC trip decades ago.

James Eremine says:

lol at inflatable sleeping pads

Josh Davidson says:

Just do yourself a favor and either get the big Agnes qcore or the therma rest

Chefe Pery says:

I’ve never seen such a stupid video! Exposing such products to the conditions which have been superseded does not qualify or disqualify these insulators!

J Dawg says:

Always appreciate a torture test, but I have to say I’ve put my Klymit Insulated Static V through the wringer and have experience no failures whatsoever. As far as comfort – while I’m sure they are all comfortable, this is always going to be a YMMV subject for me. The pad is not nearly as important as the PILLOW you use. Haha.

PastTime Kamote says:

whoa! you were behind that tree the entire time?!

bma1976 says:

Wow, GREAT test!!! I always wonder just HOW durable these pads are. Jumping on them with your dog and they didn’t pop?!! That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Cold and comfort test were super useful too. I think it’s important to know exactly what the breaking is, so even seeing their performance in the ridiculous rock/dirt sledding test was very useful. Great stuff!

Pedro Kozlakowski says:

wish there was more reviews like that.

Will Nettles says:

I’ve slept about 50 nights on the Klymit over the past two years, mountains, forests, meadows, in my car ‘stealth-bunk’ and love it. Best, most comfortable, sleeping pad I’ve ever owned. So depending on weight and price (which should’ve been included) one of the others might be even better? That’s great news; for now I don’t see any reason to switch. re: The ice block test. I’ve slept in some pretty cold places, 10,000 feet, snow and the Klymit’s insulation seemed more than adequate. It’s a thinner pad, so I guess if your body has angles that poke to the bottom (like the knee test represented) than that would be a problem. I might’ve had a Therm-a-rest several years ago (probably an old obsolete model) so other than that experience I’m not familiar with the others.Thanks. Another test consideration is how do the valves work? I’m still puzzled by the Klymit (which considering my experience is very odd) and how many breaths does it take to inflate.

scubaflimedic says:

This was the best review I’ve ever seen!!! Great job! This is how all reviews need to go. Function and durability!

Valeriano Perez says:

cool video and very instructive. Thanks man

Ven Tarfield says:

This test….so incredible…I prostrate before you dear leader!!

Richard_N says:

And not a single ranking at the end. Fail.

Annette M. Wegrzyn says:

Thumbs up for the doge! <3 great vid!!!

Coraga 1 says:

Honestly i love your test methods, kinda unorthodox but it seems to do a good job demonstrating these pads.

r8rsean71 says:

These pads are all built differently. Fun review however not practical because your comparing Mercedes to Hyundai. Still looked like you had a blast. For what there intended for each of those pads is actually good.

Johnny says:

We are about to launch many Products on Amazon , and we need to have active reviewers and buyers on demand so we can get more visibility on Amazon
We give away up 50-100 PCS for a new product , we just want to make sure that they all place orders at the same time ,are you in ?

Judith Hitchings says:

Exped is great, it weighs nothing at all. On our Grand Canyon trip my ife managed to squeeze on beside me! Our super comfy Thermarest are far too heavy.

Maine Archery says:

U didn’t say what’s was the best or bib I miss it somewhere ?

Taylor Covington says:

How do you only have 12k subs this video was amazing

bellaconca says:

A perfect comparison between apples and oranges. How can you compare sleeping pads that are completely different in size and weight?

David Najor says:

After the intro, I wish people would kill the irritating background noise, or senseless jingles that just go on and on.   They don’t add a damn thing to a good video, and just makes it harder to listen, or hear when the person is talking.

Robert Antalek says:

I have an Outdoorsman Labs pad. It is high quality with a low price tag, rolls up to the size of a 16 oz. water bottle and inflates with 10 puffs of air. Very comfortable pad.

Ray Jo says:

Yes a facking good review. Many others don’t get to the point and don’t test them for what’s important like fire , puncture, the cold and weights and also on different underground. Nice video. Come with more. Others talk and talk and never show. Also nice sound quality. Facking good as we say in Norway

Judith Hitchings says:

Your sliding test is stupid

Theolyn Warrender says:

In other words, whatever you do don’t choose the Klymit.

American Pi says:

he didn’t review prices, which is important to me when buying gear.

COAR OAS says:

Thermarest for the win!

goofyfoot2001 says:

Kymit wins hands down because it was included in this test and is $150- cheaper than all the rest. Maybe a real test would be to put the prices on them and then have people lay down on them. Your test is like comparing a Porsche to a honda civic.

clutchplayer19 says:

God the music- dude, kill yourself

j cha says:

Dammit. Think i just bought the wrong pad

Mary Jo Rodgers says:

Okay, I am a backpacker and these pads are not all equal, as the video would have you believe. The Klymit & Exped are hyper light, summer sleeping pads… that’s why they don’t offer much protection from the cold. The Sea to Summit & Therma-Rest are winter pads, they weight more and thus keep you warmer in cold weather (an essential for winter camping). I own two of them, one for winter and one for summer. I have no issues with either — don’t remember how they stacked up… Just wanted to make you all aware that while this seems like you are comparing apples to apples.. in the backpacking world it’s all about WEIGHT (yes an ounce DOES make a difference!) and having the right gear for the conditions…

Raul Jorge Pascual Ruiz says:

One thing, the noise when use it?

Fordry says:

Insulation test method is very flawed and the conclusion here is useless. The air only pads will fully crush if you just sit on them in one spot. The weight would need to be distributed evenly.

Jim Benson says:

I like your reviews man. very thorough. great job

Caleb Vandervelde says:

jeez why are you so hard on the Exped? I’ve tried all of these (except for the klymit which my friend advised me to stay away from) and the Exped is by far the most well made, comfortable, and durable of all of my pads. I also love big agnes pads, but not nearly as much as the Expeds.

Porschen Hund says:

This is rediculous

Cannonbo says:

i’ve had the exped fail on me 4 times. the first 3 times i sent it in and they exchanged it for a new one but now it’s going to the trash. 3 times it was the place where the top and bottom sheet are glued together that gave out, so you end up with one giant airchamber where there should be 2 small ones. the other fail was a pad they sent me that was missing the valves and would not hold air from the very start. way overpriced for how unreliable they are.

Perico De Lospalotes says:

2:02 Texture and fabric appart, I know why the orange (Exped) dries faster, because the groves are vertically they way you put it to dry and you could get almost the same results with the white (Therm-a-rest) and gradually less fast with the green (Klymit) and red (Sea to Summit) putting the three of them resting on a side. In fact with the red it would not make any difference, yes.

George Henry Moore says:

0:03 O.O You gonna burn pads too?

Old Dominion Angler says:

Thanks for the solid review. I will be going for a thermarest I think. I lost interest in sleeping on the ground a few decades ago! I am putting together a winter kit for filming my fishing adventures: and this has been very helpful. Thanks so much!

BorisBlade7 says:

Ok, you should be smart enough to know you cant do a comfort test like that at all. Even a slight variation in any of the pads inflation level will make that pad significantly better or worse and even that depends on the person on them. I have to adjust mine every time i use them and others who use them will adjust it differently. It really makes me not care what you have to say when you do something so blatantly useless and misleading.

Dont get me started on the fire test. So much of your tests are so random as to what each pad receives as to to be worthless. Yes, the ignorant people may think this is useful, but anyone who does any real testing will tell you that so much of this is useless info.

Try coming up with new ways of testing that isnt so random and not reflective of actual use. Its not that difficult, really. You have some potential, but as is, your info is of no use to someone like me who buys gear and tries to find some good info before hand.

Inna Dikoun says:

hahaha nice downhill gliding test 😀

Trash Bin says:

Do you suppose the Klymit would’ve lasted longer during the cold weather test if it would’ve been the insulated model? Also,which one was the quietest? That to me matters more than a few ounces of weight difference. There’s nothing worse than a loud crackling Thermarest when you’re trying to sleep.

Ron Mehringer says:

I’m most familiar with the Klymit Insulated Static V and find it super comfortable, especially good for side sleeping. Localized loads like in the kneeling and ice bag tests are not really relevant. It’s your distributed weight across the pad and how you are supported and insulated in that situation that matters. It’s then that the Klymit shines, yielding nicely at shoulder and hips (when on side) w/o bottoming out so you don’t wake up sore.

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