Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Air Mattress Review

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nuttin toseehere says:

Just watched one. Thank you @living survival.

BC 07135 says:

Tent name?

David Eagle says:

I have a tent like that made out of Gore-Tex never used if anyone’s interested. It’s Carinthia Micro Condo

Max Green says:

hey buddy,
thanks, i have the same ;)) thanks a lot!
best, Max GREEN

David Eagle says:

Wow I just got this yesterday!

David Barclay says:

I made my own air bag with the top of a plastic bottle and a washer from a hose assembly. See YouTube for directions. Nice review.

D. M. says:

And, would these work well in a eno type hammock?

Roaming Gnome says:

I’ve been looking at this mattress for my thru-hike. Thanks for the review. I used the link you provided to purchase it. Thanks again.

D. M. says:

Do they make this 4 season with a speed valve? Like the 3 season?

Quadrant14 says:

what weight can it handle, I weigh 240 plus or 118 kilos ?

Stanford Ferris says:

New subscriber, great video!

Haydog _322 says:

At target they have a regular size z-rest
It looks like a z-lite but solid of green and no reflective side for 30 bucks
What do you think about buyin it

Andrew Meyer says:

great review. did you say ditty bag? Marine?


I like that bag blow up system. Might just be my next thermarest.

Kristoper Griffin says:

Ever use any of the klymit pads?

Cmanof the woods centralUS says:

Great pad Thanks for the review.

Yankee says:

Have one. I can’t believe how comfortable it is! Crazy light! Unbelievably strong and it’s technology is incredible because it reflects heat back up. My other Thermarest is an original first run air mat from the 70’s and it’s still goin’ strong.


Is this a year round pad or mostly for colder months?

Harvey Zearing says:

Happy Easter Ben . I like that tent . I got to get up there to the upper peninsula and get some fishing done .

Lellobeetle says:

That looks a great mattress. Thanks for sharing this, Ben.

Steve Gareau says:

great video sir

Feral Woodcraft says:

Holy crap! that stuff sack is friggin genius!!!

Outdoor Archives says:

Looks like they got rid of that little motor/pump? That inflation looks better anyway. Do you know how this compares with the neo-air all season?

Survival Mindset says:

Great review Ben! I got to pick one up soon! I like the set up!

mrsanchezmd says:

A great video. One great trick to filling the bag more easily and quickly is to use the Bernoulli effect. Just hold the bag about 10 inches away from your mouth and blow one breath into the bag. It fills it up fully. Check out a link that explains the science.

said seghir seg says:

what the tent name ?

M Capponi says:

lol nice disclaimer. i guess it’s not just for your regular badass to operate a camp mattress.

Apache the Attack Helicopter says:

for some reson i have an uncontrollable urge for chips and sourcream right now. but i dont have any sourcream! im flippin out man!

I am my own super-HERO says:

Aren’t you gonna lay in the tent for us?

TryNsurviveN says:

I like the pad but really interested in the tent. I have a one man tent but I have to crawl in from one end which is not a lot of fun in the middle of the night in search of a tree:-)

Chad Morgan says:

Can’t beat thermarest pads. For the bit of added bulk they make your nights sleep so much better.

Windham Woodcraft says:

I have used the xterm for 2 years. I love it for its weight and warmth. Very rugged!
The bag is a huge bonus as well. You don’t want to be blowing moisture from your body into it in the winter! Go for the Max if you can!
Great review Ben!

Elite Exposure says:

Wow I never knew they had these. Ill be getting one for my brother, he loves the outdoors. Great informative video!

North From Here says:

It sure is a good pad. Been using one for over a year. The mummy shape is very good for using in a hammock also.

Welsh Dragon says:

Great video. What brand was the one man tent?

studentj4ck says:

I am going to guess that because you edited the video it took quite some time to fill it with air…how long did it take to pump it up?

DpKxREVO says:

Great review

Eystein Askevold says:

TY for this video, also what Bivy is that ?

nuttin toseehere says:

Hey sir. new subscriber here. love your reviews. Do you think you could squeeze in a review on the paratus 3 day operator pack from Amazon? It’s a budget friendly bug out bag and would like to know your thoughts. Thank you.

Rei Matsuo says:

side sleeper here too.  finally tried my NeoAir in our carpeted living room and woke up stiff on the sleep-side of my shoulder/neck/hip.  any advice to make it more comfortable? thanks

Tombstone Ted says:

That was a terrible review. All you did was show me how to pump it up and you didn’t even use the carrier/inflation bag properly! When you lay on it do you feel the Earth below? How is deflation? Is there a weight limit? What does it cost? Forget it… I’ll watch someone else’s video; should have called this an, “Unboxing” not a review. Did you even sleep on it? How can you “review” something you haven’t even used as intended?

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