Hey guys! Long time no see lol! Anyway, hope you like the video, and please use the code above if you would like $50 off of your purchase from Casper 🙂

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jessie Parker says:

I do alot of adult films. Would this hold up to say a 6’2 205lbs. male with 4 or 5 teenage colleges girls about 115to125lbs? Its really embarassing telling some girls to wait their turn before they can get on the bed. Thanks.

Jc Cohen says:

Be careful giving this company any of your personal information they are known to sell information to other advertisers!

And they will use the information to spam you more!!!!

And if they get a hold of your Facebook account, they will bombard you with massive amount of marketing

You have been warned

Chris Luna says:

What’s the name of that bed frame and where can I get one at

Swapna Vennam says:

how to choose which is best bed

imaboi1da says:

Where did you get that black frame that you put your mattress in…looks sick

MondoMiami says:

Millennials are so gullible and easily distracted.

zelly james says:

It’s been a while now… How is your bed working for you. Do you have any sagging yet? Do you love your bed??

Ajala Thomas says:

What Size Is The Bed?

Trevor Brown says:

what bed frame is that.?

Another Amateur says:

That included opening tool is actually a kind of letter opener. Using it would have reduced the risk of cutting the mattress. It is almost always a good idea to open the instructions/parts packet first…

Ryan Picard says:

Which did you prefer a Temperpedic or the Casper. Obviously completely different but…

bye bye says:

Love the video! Thank you 🙂
And the cool donation factor that you mentioned: They really do donate the returned mattresses to charity shops. I just found one last night, a queen Original Casper and snapped it up for $60 out the door. It was in immaculate condition with not a mark on it. Manufacture date on the tag is from last month of this year. The store manager told me that the Casper company dropped off 2 in the morning. I couldn’t be happier, haha.

Billy Carroll says:

Can you post link to that bed frame. Can’t find it on IKEA website.

randomrazr says:

so how the frame and mattress after a few months

AV8R Tom says:

Nice Floors!

Stephen Sine says:

Do you have the dementions of that box it came in?

April Contessa says:

So I saw your video right after I ordered but I liked your video. I can’t use the link for the discount any chance you will send me an email so I can use your email for the discount? Thanks

Mr. GhostShelter says:

How much is it?

Nannette Battista says:

I made it myself thanks to woodprix website.

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