Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base Review

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We still can’t believe how affordable this adjustable bed base really is. It only took us a few minutes to assemble. It has really made all the difference on the way we sleep and watch tv in bed. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

The Lucid L300 adjustable bed base takes your Netflix movie night, detective novel, and breakfast in bed to a new level of comfort. Simply push a button on the wireless remote to find the perfect comfort position for you. Plus, it takes just 5 minutes to assemble and ships quickly. Enjoy exciting features like independent head and foot incline, dual USB charging ports, wireless remote with flashlight, and a programmable memory position. The motor is whisper-quiet and will not interrupt your favorite TV show binge. The attractive upholstered frame adds to the style of your master suite. The bed base is backed by a 10-year warranty and is available in both queen and Twin XL sizes. Remember 2 Twin XL bases make a King size bed. Just push them together for individualized comfort for you and your partner or sync them with the wireless remote control. Twin XL measures 37.5 x 79.5 x 15 inches.

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Scott Heinrich says:

Thanks for the review! Looks nice

Christy Boyle says:

Just ordered this bed frame! I’ve been looking for one for a long time & finally went for it after watching your tutorial! Can’t wait!

Helen Cox says:

This is a great set up tutorial!! I have many lucid products that I love … I’m hoping to get this adjustable base soon !! Lucid has such high quality products that make my sleep/life better !

Liz Brnic says:

Love your video But do i have to have a lucid mattress or can I use any mattress?

John L says:

Great reviews! I want you to know that I now have the same setup as you with this adjustable bed and the Lucid mattresses:) I’d be interested in why you went with the Lucid’s having had reviewed more costly mattresses? While I certainly haven’t had the opportunity as you to experience so many different mattresses at different price points, I have the sneaking suspicion that save Purple brand with their unique material- all these other memory foam/latex foam products are really just the same with different prices. Anyway, very helpful and I’ve subbed- keep up the great work!

Alexandra Jenson says:

Wow! This bed base looks amazing. Thank you so much for doing this review, it really shows the ins and outs of the base. Setup doesn’t look too difficult and the price point is great! I’m convinced I need one!

Toys Time Playing says:

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Benjamin Taylor says:

This looks like a great product! Thanks for the great review! I don’t like to buy many expensive things online because I want to see it in person before I spend money on it but after seeing this video I would feel comfortable buying this. This video was detailed enough to show me how the bed works and what it can do without being too long and hard to watch. This would be a great alternative to buying a hospital bed!

WOW WOW says:

v nice, Done sub , your turn, Pls sub back, comment Relaxing Music , , Anyone sub me & comments I’ll sub back & comment

Melissa Walter says:

this looks awesome and more simple to put together than i would have expected! do any foam mattresses work with a bed like this or so you have to buy a specific one?

Jed Jacobi says:

Subscribed! thanks!

Jordon Polatis says:

This is a really great review of this product. I actually have this exact setup and have had it for about two months now and love it. We use it when we watch TV at night and it props us up and then when we are ready for bed we just hit the flat button and everything goes back to normal. I would recommend this to anyone.

Kyle Bringhurst says:

I have this base myself and it’s great! I really enjoy it myself. Thanks for doing this video. It’s great!

Katie Rose says:

Great review! So helpful, as I am expecting delivery of my Lucid Adjustable frame any day now. Thank you so much for being so thorough. I am now super excited to get and set-up my new Lucid adjustable frame.

Bryce Larsen says:

I have this adjustable bed base and I love it! Great review!

Eagle Harris says:

My husband and I saw beds similar this at the fair. We knew there was no way we could afford them I have back issues and really wanted one. Finally we found a link to these online. We just set up our beds today. I accidentally synced them and couldn’t figure out how to separate them until I saw that you have to push the buttons on the remote first. Thank you! I love the bed!

Lisa says:

Informative video!  Thanks

Zachary Stott says:

I couldn’t picture how these bases would work with just a regular mattress but it was helpful to see it demonstrated and witness how strong the motor is. Very neat!

mama Shauna says:

great looking product I’ve always thought these were outside of my price range This is exciting – and the remote has a flashlight

Shawn Parker says:

Well done on this review! I can attest that this base is super easy to put together and works great with any mattress. I look forward to more reviews from you!

DumbShqdow says:

This was *REALLY COOL I SUBBED !* I am doing a *shout-out series*
Just watch my latest video to learn how to win a shout-out and get up to *50+ subs*

Allen Bozeman says:

Great demonstration!!!

jeannied says:

I was so excited to come across this video! I just bought the 1-piece King adjustable bed base for a guest room remodel. I am happy to see how easy it is to set up! I am amazed at the weight it holds and by how quiet the motor is!! Maybe I’ll remodel my room, too! =)

Lacee Miller says:

This looks so much easier then I thought it would be! Thanks so much for the informative video. I can’t wait to try one out someday!

McKelle Stephens says:

My husband and I got this bed base and it has been a game changer. First of all, it is so hard to wake up in the mornings. I never thought about it till now, but you just aren’t supposed to sleep flat your whole life!

Facts guru says:

subbed you, please return the favor.

Teresa Cromer says:

went to order but would not accept the 5% code. what am i doing wrong. Help.

ExposureArnav says:

nice video I 5ub you # 257 5ub me back please

Way2 Saucey says:

I have a California king mattress will this work on my mattress?

Doug Dickson says:

I enjoyed this video very much, it is very informative and the video makes the setup look very easy and makes me think i could do it without to much effort. I like the quality and the information shared in this video. I will check this frame out in the future.

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