Nectar Mattress Queen Size Review – Great for Side Sleepers!

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Please note that a lot of reviewers say they give you a $125 coupon — everybody gets the $125 off (via the retailer’s site), automatically. So that’s a bit disingenuous. I’d like it if you use my link, as it helps me out!

In this video I review the Nectar Mattress! Is it good or bad? How do I like it? Nectar has a 365-day risk-free trial period, and offers a lifetime warranty. How does it stack up? Pros and cons? How is the Nectar comfort? Who would like it? Is this a good mattress for couples? How does this stack up against other memory foam mattresses?

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Dloweification says:

I got mine yesterday after ordering about a week ago. Fortunately I live pretty close to one of their warehouses, so it shipped on a Friday and showed up on Tuesday.

Still waiting for it to expand. It looks like it’s fully expanded but the top and bottom edges have a taper. Waiting for that to go away, assuming they didn’t just cheap out on 2.5 inches (each) of the top layer foam at the top and bottom.

David Daniels says:

there was somthing you mentioned in your review that didnt make sence.
“Nectar says they will replace your cover for free if it’s ever damaged”
i say didnt make sence because my findings were if the mattress gets stained and it can not come out than your lifetime warrenty on the bed is cancelled. An that includes the year long return also. Perhapes I missed that part but where did you get that information?

Marlene Cesarotti says:

Hi Dugroz, I happened to see your video while checking out some foam mattresses there are so many different types now its kinda overwhelming & we cannot check them out unless we buy so your input is great , I have always thought spring beds were horrible why else would we always be moving my niece got a new bed & told me it was hard so she did some internet search for a top she could not afford to buy another mattress & she ended with a 4in. just one solid piece of foam & just put on top of the bad spring one & she said no more issues she never even moves cause no pressure on her body I bought the same 4in foam & I love it have it now at least 2 yrs. still like day I got it I do turm it flip it just cause I think its better but really don’t have to I will never buy another bed with springs…foam is so much better & people have to be careful of how much memory foam density is in these mattresses cause it sinks you in just like you explained for me I am using this 4in till it disinigrates  & it was cheap full was $110 if I knew where she got it I would say but she ordered it over 2yrs ago.  Thanks so much for all your input.

Dnario Beats says:

Give it to me

Karayah Holly says:

I would advise two points of caution for the Nectar.
First, while there is a large appeal to a Forever warranty, what is covered in the fine print is really important to check. The industry standard for a memory foam mattress warranty covers any sags or indents over .75″, but the Nectar’s is 1.5″ – twice as much! Imagine the amount of back pain a sleeper could be until the sag or indent becomes that deep and how long it would take. By that point, the damage’s source is usually considered wear and tear, which isn’t covered under the warranty. Very few people who purchase the Nectar will actually have what they consider a valid claim. The major selling points for the mattress are the price and the length of the trial period.
Second, I caution against those who are over 150lbs and with a curvy figure. Nectar was the very first online mattress I tried. The mattress wasn’t a good fit for me. I’m not in the 250lbs+ category, but my weight is very concentrated for someone 5’2″ and I’m very curvy. As a side sleeper, this meant my hips and shoulders sank through the Nectar’s top comfort layers. Although most people consider it to be a plusher mattress, it felt exceptionally firm to me. It’s designed for the average sleeper, so if your body is “average”, it may not be the best fit.

scupking says:

I got this bed a few weeks back to replace a crappy 12” zinus gel foam mattress. Shipping was great. It arrived in less then a week. It’s a classic foam bed feel. One nice thing is It doesn’t sleep hot and I’m a hot sleeper. The only issue for me is it’s just a little to soft for me when I’m on my stomach. I’m 6’ 2” 235lbs. I think this would be good if you are a side sleeper or under 200lbs.

Julio Montero says:

Bro the sound sucks.

Charlie Clark says:

I ordered My Nectar on the 2/17/18. It shipped on the 19th as stated and arrived on the 22nd. I ordered a King which might be why I had no delays with my mattress. Yes I flopped down on my mattress and it knocked the air right out of me lol. I have slept on it for 3 nights and each night seems to get a little better. Overall I think this mattress is very firm. I weigh 180 pounds. I will give it a few more days to see if it softens up a bit more. Not knocking the mattress as it seems to be made fairly well but it may just not be for me.

Captain Sensible says:

edit your videos please they will become watchable


*Love love love this mattress and pillows. These products greatly exceeded our expectations.>>>**** My husband and I immediately felt comfortable and slept great with no back, neck or shoulder pain that we usually felt in the morning. We are not that easy to please but are very impressed with these products.*

SCYTHE2525 says:

My Nectar arrived a few days ago and have enjoyed it immensely compared to the several year old Sealy Posturepedic I’ve been sleeping on. Granted it was a budget model but I’d had ‘hand me down’ mattresses that were superior to that thing. The bed off gassed enough to fill the room with faint odor for the first two days but haven’t noticed it today on day 3 of owning it. The foot of the mattress inexplicably curls down toward the floor somewhat. Bearing in mind the admonition to allow the mattress several days to fully expand it hasn’t changed much. Also, the tencel covering isn’t completely smooth with some irregularity in the form of waves on top of mattress. Not sure how normal that is or not. Sleep wise it really has pleased me. I’ve had lots of lower back and hip pain almost every night on the Sealy upon waking in morning. First time I laid out on the Nectar I felt some aching tension in lower back but that quickly subsided. I couldn’t move not because I had no choice but because I didn’t want to. Very cozy once it adapted to my body. Have had no problems with heat and I generally keep my room on the warmer side in both summer and winter.

The pillows have been a pleasant surprise. I never met a memory foam pillow I liked until now. They certainly are very heavy and overstuffed. But they are also covered in what seems to be a well made and durable cover (tencel like the mattress) with a very pleasant feel to them and the stuffing can be removed until you find the right balance. I don’t want to use any of my regular pillows after these.

Beauty of colors says:

good job

Andrew Ridgeway says:

What do you do with the mattresses that you try out when you’re done with them?

BMW DIY says:

Ordered a nectar and they do not ship in 24 hours like they advertise. We have been waiting for over a week now and they are hard to get ahold of. The bed may be nice if/when you get it. Super disappointed with their service.

Jen Hanson-JenU1 Entertainment says:

Hi! This looks good to nap on!!!.. please sub me back

justYouJesus1God says:

Do they sell King size?

billye bobby says:

Nectar is made in CHINA! Why would you put your child on a chinese made memory foam? Also, they have an F rating on the better business bureau, see here. Why not just come out publically and tell the truth? You are being paid a huge commission for posting this review. Shame on your you are misleading lots of families. Sad little man.

///KINGROCC says:

Love the honesty thank you

Jen Hildreth says:

Thank you for posting, very informative!


Hi Dug you do a great job on mattress reviews . Do you have any recommendation of what mattress would be good for a person that his arms fall a sleep wile sleeping and weights about as much as you ? Thank you

Kevooohmygawd says:

My gf tosses and turns a lot, will i be able to feel her toss and turn?

Douglas Bushman says:

Dumb review

Uh Really says:

Thank you white guy.

Nohemy Mendez says:

Best review so far. I was really skeptical about this mattress because some people have said it’s on the firmer side but it looks pretty squishy as well. Even if it’s not so much on the “soft” side. But also you won’t feel the movement of the other person. But I think this will be the one I’ll be buying.

Jesse Rubio says:

You are correct the shipping was delayed from what they stated,took about 2 weeks for me to get the mattress .I sent them an email in regards to the shipping delay and never received a response .LOL!!!
other than the shipping the mattress is great

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