Purple Bed Nine Month Review – Las Vegas Blogger

We have had the Purple bed for 9 months and we still absolutely love this bed! Here is my review.

Purple: https://onpurple.com
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After the first night: https://youtu.be/QktwpghsKsM
Here is the seven week review: https://youtu.be/66Gxc3kmbiY
Here is my review of the purple bed verses the sleep number bed – check it out: https://youtu.be/penaQ03BlEU
My one year review: https://youtu.be/FpyCRuGMdms


Brittney Glover says:

thanks for the review!

Steven Stapleton says:

What sheets did you use? Mine is on its way and wondering about buying the purple sheets. thanks!

Martin Vickers says:

Did you buy the actual Purple bedframe, or did you use a preexisting one?

Steven S says:

First review I saw that shows the sheets/blanket on the bed. I often wonder if sleeping on sheets and under a blanket still keeps you cool. Oh, and the naysayers about the powder? It’s all B-S as your mattress is covered by the manufacturer AND you put bed sheets on the mattress.

pinkrose1390 says:

how much does your husband weigh? I’m a heavier sleeper at 270lbs. thanks

Patrick Bittel says:

I’ve had a purple queen for about a month and a half now and like it. This woman in the video says that the whole bed is made of the purple material that she showed. It’s not. Only the top 2 inches are that. the rest of the bed is other material.

Rick Jones says:

These reviews are starting to sound too positive. And she just happen to buy a little sample of the bed? Why don’t we ever see her husband? Something is starting to smell fishy. The one negative thing she pointed out she even back peddled on in this video. If I was working for Purple I’d complain about one minor negative thing so it wasn’t too obvious she or her husband work for Purple. And the fact she takes back the ONE and only bad thing she’s said about this bed makes these all seem suspect.

Elgiad 936 says:

I have one and you will never sweat in this bed. Coolest bed on the market literally! It appears to regain it’s shape even after long use, which is something i have been paying attention to. I ordered a mattress protector to ensure contents within the bed remain in the bed.

Mewbits says:

Now I want this bed. Can’t afford it now, maybe someday.

Jessica Horton says:

Here is my one year review! https://youtu.be/FpyCRuGMdms

Janet Thaeler says:

Slept on Purple for over a year – love it! About the white powder issue – if you go to Honest Mattress Review’s website there’s a court ordered disclaimer at the top disclosing the owner has been paid significant income from Purple’s competitor – Ghostbed.

Tim G says:

do ur hips hurt when u wake up?

Sara J says:

it’s very very firm it hurts to lay on side 100% of the time also in the cold it gets firmer very noticeable

Terrance S says:

You don’t know why people get Cal King? Really? 6’2 is not tall. I’m 6’10, that’s why I buy a Cal King. What a silly thing to say in your video.

iammimic79 says:

What’s with the picture frame with nothing in it

MyHeaven says:

nice review

David Beecroft says:

holy shit – somebody lives by Nellis AFB somewhere in the shitty part of town…

Riley Estes says:

I had a purple ad lol

Anthony husband says:

Sounds like fighter jets. Sounds like my bedroom lol

patrick masur says:

Can you use your old bed supplies, fitted sheet, comforter, ect?

TLDR says:

Are you worried about the microscopic inhalable plastic powder they coated the entire mattress with?

BMAD says:

any issues with this powder topic inside the bed that I see on some other videos? I really liked what I have seen with this brand but those “powder concerns” made me hesitate a bit.

Danny Freddy Correa says:

Thank you for your Purple Bed reviews. My wife and I are shopping for a new bed so this helps a lot. We are also in Vegas so a bed that keeps cool is very important.

Hans Behrens says:

For anyone watching the videos about the “plastic powder”, you might want to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Mb0C77x4A

Sad when their competitors can’t compete on quality, and have to mislead customers with scare tactics.

Jeromi Birtikidis says:

I’ve been considering one of these. I’ve had back issues after a car accident (4 surgeries) and my sleep number isn’t doing it for me. Great review 🙂

White Wulfe says:

It was definitely nice to see how your opinion was similar throughout the four videos regarding the bed, especially with commentary on the changes one had to adapt to with it’s layout, but especially the cooling and how the edge isn’t noticeable like in a more traditional mattress. I’d have to say yours is probably my favourite set of videos out of the ones I’ve watched regarding the Purple bed.


She has a killer body

777samuraijosh says:

I’ve had mine about the same amount of time and I feel like the side I sleep on is starting to sink 🙁 I way 230ish

Mikey Hagan, Jr. says:

Gnarly toxic white powder in that mattress:(

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