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Samantha Jillian says:

I’ve heard the frame starts squeaking after a couple months… Have you found this to be true?

Xanexx says:

Love the B-roll in the beginning.

Daniel de Oliveira says:

Thanks for your review. Just ordered both.

Pamela Kelly says:

Excellent review….. Love the music and the animals!!!! I have done tons of research and I am ordering the new Purple Mattress #4. Most people don’t realize they sleep 27 years or more of their lives. I really appreciate you honest review & time!!!!!

Timothy Babcock says:

Nice video! It’s almost been a year. Follow up video?

Nick P says:

Too bad you voided your warranty by having your pets on  their without a mattress cover.. just saying that could bite you in the bite down the line

Ryamole says:

Did you look into the white powder issue with them or experienced it at all? You didn’t mention that at all and that’s all I’m hearing about with Purple right now.. which is kind of freaking me out and putting me off of getting one as well.

smg gam3r says:

Wow seen your channel cuz of Mattew you need way more subs Girl!! that intro was really nice.

Naturallyblingin says:

I hope you did an update and thank you for your review! Like you I’ve been researching for almost a year including reading reviews. One morning at 4am my back said dammit, I’ve had enough!! So I ordered it at 4am! The king bed, sheets, mattress protector and the pillow. My only hope is that it ships and arrives according to the details of the tracking information. I read a lot of complaints on people not receiving accurate shipping details and how they waited for weeks almost months before receiving their items. I do understand that it’s probably becoming more in demand and they are having problems with keeping up with the orders considering that they’re not just premade and sitting in a warehouse waiting to ship they actually make them as they are ordered which I am completely in agreement with. I can’t wait to sleep better nights on this new mattress I’m praying that it is everything I have ready it to be for better nights sleep. Thanks again!

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