Purple Mattress Review – After Over a Year Sleeping on Purple! Finally!!!

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Purple Mattress Review

After a year of sleeping on a Purple bed we finally have our Purple mattress review video. This is a Purple king size mattress and we got it from the company for the purposes of a review. It’s our main mattress.

On Purple Mattress

Janet and Stephen crack jokes and talk about how we feel about our Purple bed after sleeping on it for over a year. We think Purple mattress as THE BEST MATTRESS FOR COUPLES. That’s because you can’t feel a lot of movement when the other person moves around. The grid layer on top is like a shock absorber. In the past Stephen kept waking me up when he moved around.

The Purple mattress is very comfortable. It cradles your body. You don’t sink into the mattress like you will with a memory foam mattress. It’s made of foam with zero memory foam and that means it doesn’t sleep hot. It’s temperature neutral.

Read my more thorough onpurple mattress review here: http://www.newspapermom.com/purple-mattress-review

We are very happy with our on Purple bed. If you read the Purple mattress reviews from people who have actually slept on Purple you’ll see they’re very positive.

Purple has since come out with a power base that makes your bed into an adjustable bed! Too bad we don’t need a new mattress. We’d have to buy 2 twin xl Purple mattresses for a king size split.

Thanks for watching our Purple mattress real review.

Do you have a Purple mattress or are you thinking of buying one? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Check out Purple mattress sizes and prices on their website: http://www.newspapermom.com/get-purple-mattress *

*affiliate link so if you buy a Purple bed we get a small commission and can keep making videos. It’s hard to convince Stephen to do more videos so it helps.


Milos Odal says:

Very interesting review. I love Purple Mattress

TwoMoms Review says:

After seeing how much you guys love your Purple mattress we finally got one (Diana)!

Greg Porter says:

Valley of love! Hilarious. Good review

Adel Larbaoui says:

I will test Purple Mattress ..i think this is the best …thank you

Harry Rosenkrantz says:

We’ve had our Purple queen for almost 2 years. I weigh about 225 pounds and my side of the bed (we don’t rotate it, didn’t think we needed to) is sunk down a couple of inches. When I try to roll towards my wife’s side I actually roll up. Visibly the mattress looks fine, so I don’t even know how you measure it for the warranty. I’m just curious if anyone else has experienced this with their Purple.

Jhana Wind says:

Looks comfortable! I hope you are enjoying a lot 🙂 Bed is important for a healthy life:)

Somina says:

thanks for this informations! great video!!!

Ivan Stojkov says:

Seems it’s very nice this mattress. Thanks for sharing this review and experience with us.

Max Hastings says:

What else would I be watching at 2:08 am

andrewonaboat says:

I’d like to know what compensation, beyond the affiliate link, has been provided to the authors / Newspaper Mom. The posts on the blog read like a marketing pitch, they have access to products and such (eg. mattress cross-sections) that make me dubious about the review being legitimate. From multiple angles they appear to be paid influencers.

Just A Man says:

valley of love LOL. that’s my kind of mattress

kikihm13 says:

Great video, great review. Thank you !

Harlem Vaught says:

I wish we had one because my fiance always complaining about being hot and sweaty waking up out of her sleep being stressed out and I know it’s because she is very uncomfortable in her bed mind you she is a CNA Nurse sleeps on 6 maybe 7 pillows I sleep on 3 pillows having to fold them in half to get a little comfort because I know once they unfold or Unravel themselves I am going to be uncomfortable so I would quickly have to fall asleep as well as she does and we just switched from the soft pillow top mattress to the firm top mattress at first The Firm top mattress felt pretty good then over the month’s time it starts breaking down and there are pressure points now making certain parts of the body num feeling and falling asleep in certain spots so you have to constantly rotate yourself and we are side sleepers so we are constantly rolling one day I will be able to afford one for us just to be able to sleep comfortably at night I always said I can’t wait to see her wake up with a big smile on her face because of something that I did for her physically don’t get me wrong helping her by car buying things around the house that she would appreciate as a woman so I try and go out and do things so I could make a little money on the side to help her out I don’t know I just saw you guys video and I just felt like sharing my story but yeah congratulations to you guys hope that you get they California King mattress keep sharing your videos really appreciate them

Ves77 says:

I need to get this mattress. It looks so royal

Tony Mosbach says:

After sleeping on this mattress for a year does the mattress have any show or feel of it being softer or being slept on? Meaning can you tell it was compromised in any way?

Natasa Veljkovska says:

Really nice and interesting video. Thanks for sharing this video.

Brooke Taylor says:

Which purple mattress do you have; original or the new?

SathishKUMAR KUMAR says:

Thanks for this beautiful Review. Excellent video. Superb

mohamed amine Badji says:

exellent video ; i like it so much ; thank’s for sharing it

Ryan Brandt says:

Does a purple mattress give you blue balls?

TDaleMusic says:

holy crap i got a purple commercial on this video


Mali Lak says:

I like your Purple Mattress presentation thank you for sharing.

The T.I.G says:

xd I’m the dad

KIttu Kittu says:

It looks really nice and i would like to buy this product.

Janet Thaeler says:

Curious about the Purple powerbase adjustable bed? Click here to see it in action: https://youtu.be/2rTjrAPSaOM

Jim S says:

good gosh…………….just horrible

vaki d says:

great review by lovely couple

Lana Aranga says:

Purple Mattress is best thing I bought recently.

Best Music says:

Good video, thank you for this information.

Storytime Bunnies says:

Great video! I want this bed:)

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