Purple platform base real consumer review.

This is for the queen size platform, no squeaking, incredibly sturdy, and easy to assemble. I advise you measure your headboard and rails space to ensure the base will fit the way in did in my bed. I’m very satisfied with my purchase. I already ordered one for my son’s bed.


michael smith says:

Great video

Chris Casey says:

Very helpful video, thank you! Do you have any thoughts about using this frame on a hardwood floor?

galemoy says:

I’m not a builder of any sort, so Idk about ANY parts. I JUST installed my Queen frame and realized I’m missing one of the wingnuts. So of the 2 LONG screwed in the middle that connect the two pieces, I can only use one. Do you know if I can pick up a second Wingnut at Homedepot or somewhere? Or is this is special wingnut? I’ve torn my room apart, I really just think I didnt get the last one. HELP!!! lol

Kody Jordan says:

What is the measurement of total usable space (height-wise) underneath the frame?

Michael Hayden says:

DON’T BUY THE PLATFORM BASE! It’s non-refundable, and when I began using mine with my mattress my pain came back and so did the poor sleep with tossing and turning.

Jason Jenks says:

Hey thanks for the (only) review on this bed frame haha. My question is, does the top part of the frame (the slats and squares) flex/give at all? I was hoping that it had a little give to it similar to an actual box spring. Also, are you using this with a purple mattress? and if so, you like it?

Larry Vitas says:

Did you get your purple mattress yet? Are you going to make a video?

marilyn schorr says:


Todd Ison says:

man i’ve been looking for a review of this to see if it will fit inside my bed frame too. I don’t mind giving up the headboard/foot board/side board, but my wife would not be happy about it. How is this bed holding up for you and would you make this purchase again?

Raj Bhatt says:

Thanks for this video, my Purple mattress and platform base arrive tomorrow and I was hoping the base would fit in my bed frame! We paid a lot for the bedroom set so it’s nice that we won’t have to get rid of the bedframe, headboard and footboard.

andre rio says:

weight capacity?

Dead Shark says:

thanks for the video

Veranga says:

Very helpful video ! About how long did it take to arrive after ordering ? Just asking because I have ordered one this week. Also, What is the diameter of the legs just asking because I have wood floors, and am looking for felt coverings. If I counted correctly there are 12 legs correct ?

Devil Dog says:

It looks like the Zinus Elite base but the Purple is a taller and the Zinus is 50 bucks cheaper.

marilyn schorr says:


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