Review of IKEA Malm high bed and IKEA Morgedal firm queen mattress – costs, tips, pros and cons

In this video I give you a comprehensive and honest review of IKEA’s Malm high bed (queen size) and IKEA’s Morgedal firm mattress (queen size). You’ll get pointers such as using the Ängsvide mattress protector, a Lack side table. I go into the costs and pros and cons of the Morgedal mattress combined with a Malm bed frame. Overall opinion: sturdy and highly recommended. Expect the bed to perform consistently for a long time. IKEA items 302.773.89 (Morgedal) & 690.094.75 (Malm + Luroy). Five stars *****. Highly recommended.


Gloria Viannela says:

Great review. Any updates on how the mattress is doing comfort wise these days??

lcc726 says:

how high is it from the frame to the floor? I have a pillow top mattress and need height so I can watch tv. thanks

Ryan Azevedo says:

Nice Video. Thanks for the extra. (Pros, Cons)

lawrence kelly says:

Thank you for the video , very helpful

mo2nl says:

6:57 hahaha 🙂
Thank you so much!

Erin Obrien says:

Love this really helpful!!!

Aamir Qadri says:

amazing review, you can work for Ikea Marketing!! lol

Val B says:

the review is about 6 months old now, how do you like the mattress now?

mcleao says:

Very good review. Informative.
Thanks for sharing.

mandeepdass says:

Does the foam in mattress get hot as you sleep on it?

Gabriela Escobar says:

My slats keep falling off even though I have the 4 strouts in, what can I do?

Tye Roberts says:

So with a bed like this do I even need a box frame, or is my mattress & the slats enough?

Justin Hayes says:

Would any mattress Fit in the bed frame?

Gloria Viannela says:

Finally purchased the Ikea Morgedal in Firm and I love it! It is very firm!


I’m buying this tomorrow. Thanks for the review!

Back Country says:

Great review! Extremely detailed! Even an excel spread!?
I have a back injury and I’m a belly sleeper. The pitting of a regular mattress makes my back hurt.

Serious Fireworks says:

you said it doesnt move around but is that because your on carpet? have you tried on wood floor?

Julie Jackson says:

Very nice and detailed review. Thank you!

Jeremy Rowe says:

No offense but strong and sturdy? You just got it.. you have no clue how it will feel in 5 or 10 years. And thats what matters.

nawtsrs says:

i have the same frame as you but i have a non ikea mattress, is that fine??

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