The Best Bed Frame | Raised Folding Metal Heavy Duty Cheap & Easy Bed Frame 2017

See this bed frame (14″ inch high 13″ inch underneath clearance) on Amazon: supports 2,400 lbs
Or the 16″ inch high (15″ inch underneath clearance)
Or the 18″ inch high (17″ inch underneath clearance)
Or if you’re very heavy you may consider the elite version which supports 4,400 lbs

Need a Mattress? See my video about the Best Mattress:
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12″ (all sizes):
13″ (all sizes):

This bed frame is absolutely AMAZING!! Made by Zinus (formerly Sleep Revolution), this is no doubt the very best bed frame. It’s a raised, high bed frame, giving it a TON of room underneath, giving you a ton of extra storage space. It’s a light, yet high quality, heavy duty metal bed frame, that can fold up flat for easy transport or storage.

It’s folding function is complete with a tool less design. Assembly and disassembly couldn’t be easier, really, so easy even an elderly person or child could do it without any help. This bed frame does NOT need a box spring, but you can still use a box spring as well (if you like your bed to be really high).

The twin frame has 6 support legs (points of contact) and the king has 12!

This bed frame, in my opinion, is better than platform beds, since platform beds look nice but add zero functionality or storage space, and they’re usually much more trouble to disassemble / assemble, to store away or to transport, there’s no comparison… this bed frame is also much cost less than most people would think.

Better than any bed frame at walmart, ikea, or costco, and perfect for even luxury mattresses. I came up with a ton of ideas for storage and I’m sure you guys can think of plenty more (like making cool forts with the kids, since they can easily crawl under there haha). I love this bed frame and I’m sure all of you will as well!

-Smartbase mattress foundation supports 2400lbs of evenly distributed weight across the surface of the frame
-14″ inches off the floor, 12.5″ inches of clearance
-TONS of storage space under the frame
-no tools required whatsoever
-assembles / disassembles in minutes
-extremely easy
-folds flat taking up virtually no space
-light yet very strong, only about 20lbs pounds for the twin frame / each half of the king frame
-replaces bed frame and box spring
-can attach to your current headboard / footboard using their custom brackets
-patented design
-comes in all sizes; Twin, Twin X-Large, Full, Queen, King and Cal King
-nearly perfect 5 stars with nearly 5,000 reviews on Amazon at the time of this video

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lbizzy77 says:

can anyone tell me if this bed will hold up to about 800 pounds of body meat lol

c0pyimitati0n says:

How quiet is it?

Kareema Griest says:

do you have any videos showing how to attach the headboard brackets?

Lili 95 says:

Great video! Thx

Shanina Evans says:

can u buy a queen and use them as two twins

tanders12 says:

Don’t store travel luggage under your bed. Great way to get bed bugs.

Coreena Bostick says:

I have this exact frame I love it by the way!! But I do have a question about headboards. I have a king size frame and the brackets for the frame do sit high. What type of headboard would u suggest I’m was wondering if I need an adjustable headboard or would a standard headboard fit by it being a taller frame. Would I need a headboard that touches the floor

David B. says:

I just got mine – easy to assemble and bought because of your review. Couple screws and wolla – done! I like the box spring on mine, sits up higher – I am 6′ 6″ – Thanks Again

peepla7 says:

question. this replaces s box spring…..which is good…but can standard dust ruffle be used with it?

manda 30 says:

Another question for anyone who knows about the Elite model. Hey in this Elite model does anyone know how much does the king size weighs in shipping weigh? Thanks your response would be much appreciated.

Ts deathcrank says:

is this good for obese people?

Elane Horhi says:

Can you use a headboard with this? I wonder if it can look tidy after the mattresses and blankets goes on t hem. Anyone?

C North says:

Nothing beats a good wooden box spring frame.

Bruce Fruechte says:

You need some new luggage, bro.

lbizzy77 says:

any suggestions on a headboard and brackets for the eilte model would be greatly appreciated

Yuan Gao says:

Mattress slips on there

waladsameen says:

Thank you for review. I recently received mine. Will assemble today. Thanks again!

manda 30 says:

Hi I am just wondering if I had the FedEx/UPS hold for pickup will the king size fit in the trunk of a 2003 ford focus? What is the king size shipping box dimensions? Thanks I would highly appreciate your response.

Terible Teri says:

have you tried the purple power base?

Catrina Knox says:

Trying to purchase this to organize my room.

Kanspam Un says:

Does make any squicky noise? or the metal wire can bend out of shape so many years later the bed will be arched shape?

Lakaya Peeples says:

thank you!!!

Paul Cruz says:

I’m a big guy and I was thinkn on getting one just wanted to know will it hold up a 400 plus

Elane Horhi says:

Where do we buy one?

Wedge Wizard says:

What does it take to get someone to jump on one of these frames and record the noise it makes?

Cindy M says:

How can I attach a headboard?

sha p says:

Its really cool , I really impressed , can we get it in India ? Me in hyderabad southern part of India…Please help me ….Thank you.

Me Musica says:

I tried to click on the link to Amazon but it did not connect. What is the name/model number of this bed frame?

The SF Guy says:

One of the noisiest bed frames I have ever owned. I was on here trying to look for videos to make it quieter.

Jasmine Caldwell says:

Can you attach a headboard?

Rebecca Moyagrass says:

Will it make a lot of noise if you have sex a lot? & Is it comfortable? Like will I be able to feel those bars.

Donald Modaro says:

Thank you for posting this video. I received a queen size frame with no packing slip or instructions. I was going to call the company but decided to checkout youtube first. I found yours and it was a snap following your instructions.. Queen size does not have the connecting mechanisms to secure the two frames together, but I used zip-ties to stabilize them together. Thanks again!

Artez Jackson says:

can this fit inside a queen size bed frame?

Miyoko Thomas says:

Thanks for the video!

Re Ba says:

If I were to get an XL now and then later another…can I put two XL’s to make a King? Essentially, I am asking if two XL’s are “identical” to one King frame? Thanks

Charles Astor says:

How do these compare to the one Purple sells?

undeadmuffin says:

Really is a good bed frame as long as those supports don’t get knocked loose. My wife and I have had ours for 3 years now, but our cats like to run into the supports knocking them loose. If this happens and you have hardwood floors, legs will break. Mind did the other day. Perhaps a little tape could hold the leg supports into place, but honestly the frame is very nice and easy to transport. Just tossing out a small tip for those with pets and hard flooring.

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