The best, CHEAPEST, adjustable bed base by Pragma

In this video I show how it looks in the beginning of the video and installation. This is called the pragmatic adjustable bed frame or base. The models that don’t use a motor are still adjustable, you just pull and it clicks into place, the non motorized are called pragma.

This is the best deal you can possibly get. I have been looking forever trying to find an adjustable bed base frame on sale or used that isn’t 2 or 3 thousand dollars. This amazing bed frame is adjustable, can come in a cheaper model with just adjustable head, can come cheaper without motors and still adjustable, and even cheaper with no motors and just head. This is great for anyone, even if you are not concerned with money, there is no difference in buying this compared to the expensive ones. This can be used as a hospital bed or adjusted for comfort levels with any mattress that is foam or meant for adjustable bases.

Also this bed can lift up to 600lbs and is very solid with a 1 year warranty. 5 star reviews on Amazon

Here is where to get the bed base:

Link to head only wiring:

Link to head and foot wiring:

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heted1 says:

Great video. Does the matress have to be made of memory foam?

Victoria N. McCormick says:

Fabulous! Comfort at a price any body can afford! I love this guy’s humor!

nantucketjeep says:

I want to see his old lady break it in!


I am looking to order a split king base, but don’t want split king mattresses. I prefer having a king sized mattress. From the reviews I’ve read, Pragma says their remotes don’t sync to operate both bases together. How did you get yours to sync together?

Rico Suave says:

Would of love to see it go up without the mattress

Mike Ebersol says:

This guy starts off asking if I’ve ever wanted one of these, showing a beautiful young woman wearing sexy lingerie. And yes, I have wanted one of these.

ggolds5 says:

I want to get the split King. You don’t mention that as an option but appears you can get a split King. The Tuft and Needle mattress seems like a great one to go with this. What do you think ?

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