The CRAZY Netflix and Chill bed! Worth it?

I have always wanted to buy a TV bed, bed with tv had nothing to do with the youtube searches so we thought we’d make our own video.

The item on ebay:

All the links you need will be below!

The Gear We Use:

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The.K.Locker says:

I think it would be better to drop mount the TV from the ceiling. You wouldn’t be able to hide it but it would be much more comfortable to watch while lying down, you can also go much bigger if you reinforce everything and you much cheaper if you don’t need to replace your bed.

MRBGE says:

6:15 waching porn hub

Χαράλαμπος Μπαμπινιώτης says:

May have an smart toilet????

Mario Vargas K. says:

Hi Alex! Please upload a video of your 5.1 surround sound built into the roof…!!

Gerard says:

is there a tablet that can control everything?

Philip ryde says:

This is so awesome I might get one for my room in our new house

Andy says:

You do know what the phrase Netflix and Chill means don’t you Alex?

John Malone says:

Yes please Alex sure less C your set up of your 5.1 surround sound speakers from the ceiling in your bedroom

Ayaz Mullick says:

The tittle should be ” Smart Bed?? Worth it??”

Randoms says:

The only smart thing in that bed was Maria who wisely dumped his self adoring ass for a real man with a real job

mg gaming says:

Well it doesn’t turn heads if you are looking straight at the tv

Putrifying Eagor says:

Yeah this would be ideal for me, busy with work, gym bike riding in the evenings etc, it would be the only time for me to have a catch-up etc, so yes! This would be perfect for me. My large fish tank takes pride of place in my living room, so I only have a small telly in there. Like you said though, great pity about the sound not being 5.1.

John Morris says:

Isn’t this the 3rd video on this bed

adam sham says:

Can’t believe I missed this .. awesome video as always also cool bed .. nice work tech flow

sonictonic says:

Ridiculous. And awesome. ^_^

Dogsthorpe Infants says:

Ridiculous. Rubbish. Lay in bed watching TV and playing video games all day. The ideal bed for the morbedly obese who have their pizzas delivered through a window. #KrapFlow

Randoms says:

Got an M2 in October and its been in the shop getting wrapped ever since.
I think that M2 in the ditch story has more to it than he’s letting on
I guess he just been lying like he does about everything else when his lips are moving

Rebecca Peterborough says:

Alexa, please wipe Milkybarz from my memory.

Alexey Nikolaevich says:

That’s fantastic. You are a mental.

Dave McMahon says:

Tret isn’t a word mate

Joe La Roche says:

They have been out for over ten years lol

Ben Jones says:

Where did u get those bedside tables from

.Liam Grogan says:

Brilliant video love most of your vids

Denim King says:

Your surround system??

Hydro says:


jack green says:

Could you let us know what you quality of the ceiling speakers and how you set them up please?

PerpetualGaming says:

A quick way to clear up all your remotes is to use Logitech’s harmony remote

Covert Fury says:

DON’T GET 5G BRO! It can harm your health more likely various medical conditions research it, this looks cool however


Mentioned every useless feature but not the price

Lord Popo says:


Marcus Parker says:

Where’s the wallpaper from?

Stephen Mutinda says:

Why do people hate Alex ? He really does awesome videos and he is really informative

King Flopsy says:

Gonna wait until lg comes out with the role out tv

pv_plays games says:

Now I can blow my mattress off with my sound system


* * says:

This kid has so much money, he doesn’t even know what to do with it… He’s literally lighting it on fire in front of us (Actually, that may be a good video idea Alex. Something to consider). This is just stupid…

TheDiamondKnife101 says:

Dead out

adam sham says:

People comment saying how rubbish he is and the reviews are if it annoys you that much to comment don’t watch .. I personally love them

TheDiamondKnife101 says:


CrazZyDROPiT says:

Show us your 5.1

c foot says:

how about a bed with a desk for offices need to be comfortable at work

Redbear Media Pro Here says:

Just buy a TV and mount it to your wall why do you need this expensive TV bed what a dumb investment

Mst rmf898 says:

Not really alot to catch up on

Randoms says:

Your a complete fail and your channel/you attract so much negativity potential sponsors should really think twice

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