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arms reach co-sleeper-


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This is Yen says:

Tiny Pax!! 😀 How time flies jeje.

The Toomer Family says:

So that’s the mini co sleeper?

Noblebird02 says:

It seems lower than a standard bed. How do you make it level for night breast feeding?

Lanae Doolittle says:

I was curious if this converts to like a regular pack and play for once they grow larger than the 20 something pounds? Or is it more of just a co-sleeper?

denysgill says:

Thank you for this review!!!!

Tamara Laird says:

great review. thanks 

Becky Selby says:

Awesome job! This was super helpful. Our baby just outgrew the co-sleeper so it’s time to fold it back up.

The cool Gamer says:

Wow thanks! You just saved us an hour and a half and tons of fighting lmao!

Steph's DIY Art & Crafts says:

Great review. I am loving the book shelves, can you please tell me where you bought them? thanks

Wendy Aydinyan says:

Thank youuuuuuu! I was getting Soooooo mad trying to put the darn thing away but your tips on the ‘u’ were really helpful, thanks!

Jeffrey Witty says:

thank you for this video i could not for the life of me figure out how to get this thing down 😉

Gabriela Vasquez says:

Thank you for the review!! i have a question what size of mini mattress did you get to fit there?

Amanda Smith says:

@DevonRobertsFamily do you guys know exactly which mattress it was you got for the co sleeper? We are looking and having a hard time finding one

MermaidByNight says:

Thank you!!! Helps out a lot!!

Dave&Piper2014 says:

so helpful!

Candice C. says:

I watched this whole video but there was no demo on bringing the side up & down.

Athena Dela Rosa says:

What is the mattress called?

jessica molina says:

What brand pack and play did you buy after using this? How much?

Kateri Rose says:

What did you use for the top mattress? The one it comes with doesn’t look very cozy… How about the sheet cover you have over the mattress top? Thanks for the great video!

Myleisha Da Silva says:

Is this the big size one or the mini?

Lisa DellaTerza says:

OMG! Thank you for making this video! This disassembly what giving me the hardest time and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. You saved my sanity!!

Megan Ellars says:

I can’t find a mini mattress that fits so well like yours does 🙁

Antonette Colantuono says:

what matress do u use? is it a regular bassinet matress? awesome video btw

Melissa Power says:

Thank you for telling me to “kick it” to lock it. My friend handed me down her’s and I could not figure it out.

Ben Raymond says:

Hi I wanted where did you buy the extra mattress to fit the bassinet

olivia scott says:

where did u get the two mattresses from cause I got one from a friend but I can’t find a mattress to fix

Cee Chess says:

We received ours second hand with no manual. I wish you had shown how to raise and lower the “co-sleeping side” and the proper use of the multitude of clips.

The assembly aspect was useful. Thank you.

Caitlin says:

Thank you so much for your review!

melaniesmoot says:

Great idea with the changing pad!

Lee loves Lillie says:

Thanks for the review it really helped me

Jayce Ann says:

Hi. I have a question. How do you clean or wash your co sleeper? I have the ideal co sleeper a bit bigger than yours. We went on vacation and it got dusty. Hope to hear from you.

Hila Leib says:

HI! thanks for sharing, can you tell me please what brand is the mattress you added?

Cheryljs Justice says:

Very nice,it a little tricky to set them and look at Video to,hope my daughter likes it for there new baby.

Lisa Siegel says:

Thank you! Is it hard to put the side down to make the bassinet a co-sleeper?

Alisa Reyes says:

What is the name of the mattress pad your husband purchased from babies r us please? I would like to purchase that exact one for my baby.

Thrif-Tea Annie says:

Omg thank you so much for making this video I just got a mini co sleeper at the Thrift store and I couldn’t get it to fold up lol.

The Toomer Family says:

How much is it? and where did u get it from

Yuki Tsuki says:

What baby carrier are you using in this video?

Derren ZS says:

Extremely helpful
thank you so much

Shae Connor says:

Thank you for explaining the disassembly so well!

sheenaamaryy says:

hi can you tell me the exact name of this co sleeper. I tried to look on Google, but there were too many. thank you in advance

Stephen Mertens says:

Thank you! I’ve been struggling trying to get this assembled (I was straightening out the bottoms first and the top rails wouldn’t lock). You saved me several more minutes of frustration:)

FoxyLady says:

Thank you so much for being so thorough in explaining the disassembling steps! This helped my husband finally put it away in seconds after spending nearly two hours throughout the day with the general instructions.

Angel Tripp says:

his room is adorable!

Godd's Child says:

Thanks for sharing!!! This video was very informative.

Anthony Fischer says:

Hi! Thank you for sharing, and congratulations! I bought the same co sleeper and I was wondering what mattress you bought and where you bought it?

Camille says:

Thank you so much for showing me how to fold it. I literally sat here for 30 minutes trying to figure it out.

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