Babyletto Hudson 3 in 1 Convertible Crib Review & Assembly We share buying baby’s first baby crib from the Babyletto hudson 3 in 1 convertible crib collection. We also share our naturepedic organic crib mattress. The model is the organic cotton ultimate 2 stage infant and toddler mattress. The baby crib mattress has seamless edges and has a waterproof surface that can be easily wiped off. It is full of organic cotton and has dual firmness and metal coils for each side. The baby mattress is also a hypoallergenic design. We have a lot fun with this baby crib unboxing, assembly, and product review video. The crib/toddler bed is made by the MDB family and is a babyletto hudson style. We first chose the natural wash color but thought it was to light so we ended up with the darker espresso color instead. We are happy we the product so far and look forward to getting further along with the baby’s Halloween I mean adventure themed nursery. Join us as we build our first baby crib. Thanks for watching

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Madeline Serrano says:

Beautiful love u guys and God Bless you and you Family you guys are funny keep the love

samantha banks says:

Aw ❤❤❤❤❤ that’s a beautiful crib!!!

WolfPakProductions says:

Wait until your assembling toys after Christmas…then the REAL fun begins. LOL Have fun 🙂

VirusHaunt says:

aaaaww in19 months when the baby actually sleeps in it do a vlog lol….. love u guys

deoblo85 says:

how exciting ….crib together baby…. room coming together …i remember those days ,Happy for you guys !!

Mike B says:

Very nice crib! So excited for you both!
I’m sure you have the stickers off by now but if you use your hairdryer to heat the sticker up, it should come off fairly easy.

Scare Hollow says:

one good piece of advice on the convertible…we waited until liz was 4 look for the rails to convert it to a real bed and the wood was different colored and we just ended up getting a regular frame for a bed and bolted it right in. they wanted $400 for the conversion kit and i got the frame for free on craigslist.

WolfPakProductions says:

Nice score on the organic mattress!!!! Yes, they are pricey.

Lucas the GAMER says:


capazontwo says:

I found using a hair dry to warm the glue on labels, makes them easy to remove. On long labels heat on the end and move hair dry along while pealing.

ooddities says:

So cute! Love the color 🙂

Edie Bluntzer says:

goo gone will remove those pesky stickers

Scare Hollow says:

best 15 mins spent watching someone else put together a crib!! i would only do that for you two!!

MrTmartindale says:

Baby oil works good on stickers. Nice crib =)

JOHNJOHN 9111 says:

Crib making 101 the haunters way… lmao

lonely zombie says:

Hollywood Haunter Cribs. Sounds like a new t.v. show. lol

Julia Rosa says:

If you’re looking to save on the much needed organic crib mattress, Sweet Night Baby offers 10% and free shipping on your entire order. Use code EXTRA10 at checkout. The Naturepedic crib mattresses are there, Moonlight Slumber and others. Also a lot of info about living better.

Vinny Forte says:

Need help building a larger than life haunted house? Need help building a crib? Find BOTH here at Hollywood Haunter! Hehe!

Greg Packard says:

OH, no! You provided the sticker police all the evidence the need to lock you up forever!

Sue Warner says:

Goo be gone will take off the sicker don’t use nail polish remover or lighter fluid it will mess up the finish. Looks so sharp the baby’s going t be styling.

Morris Manor says:

That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you guys!

manwiththestar says:

Yes I don’t like the stickiest stickers with the thinest paper ever either. Sure I understand they don’t care about that small detail but it’s sooo annoying! If I knew there would be a sticky sticker before I bought something I’d probably shop around for another product for that reason alone or ask the . Yup…

Allen Perry says:

If you have lighter fluid or fingernail polish remover, saturate the sticker and it will peel right off.

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