Changing Bed Height on an IKEA SUNDVIK Crib – Demonstration and Review – Clueless Dad

This is a follow up for our video about the IKEA SUNDVIK Crib –

Alex asked how to adjust the height of the mattress, so we thought it would be good to do a demonstration video. While we are at it, let’s do a review of the Sundvik now that we’ve been using it for 3 months as well.

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Cassie Collins says:

Do I need the conversion kit that is comes with, to convert it in to a toddler bed?

Joshua Lucas Chu says:

sorry so how do you remove the one side of the crib? not lower but totally remove? thanks

Luis Orense says:

Awesome! Thank you for posting!

kholoud Diy says:

Please I need answer
Can I remove the side when it’s one the upper level so I can put the crib beside my bed or I have to put it in lower level to be able to remove the side

geoff-solomon Solomon says:

Thanks, I was trying to figure out the easiest way to do this with a similar Ikea crib. This method worked perfectly, appreciate it!

Alex Nicolaou says:

Thanks for the update !

Yessi Real says:

Thank u ! This help me a lot !

Miramgul Amaniyazova says:

Thank you very much!!!

Khaled Elgendy says:

Which position is better for a 7 month baby? The lower or the higher?

Kangna Gupta says:

Hi, this is good to know that it is strong enough given it holds the bed of 4 screws. We were planning to make this crib as a co-sleeper and wanted to know the two bed heights that this crib offers (including the regular mattress). Hope you still have this or someone can reply with measurements. Thanks.

Tom Read says:

Thanks for the tips, they were interesting and useful! Hadn’t thought so much about the back strain situation, so it’s good to have that in mind.

Rachel Kalambaie says:


EveryBunny says:

I wondered this at the store! Thanks so much for answering this!

Sherif Coutry says:

Thanks man I just lowered mine in 5 mins!

Rachel Johnsen says:

super helpful for lowering.

Almas khan says:

Hey..!! Hello
Can we make holls in the back sheet of the crib to adjust it on different height for co sleeping? I am planning to buy gulliver cot from ikea but the upper height is higher than our own bed and lower height is too low. Can you please help me out.

ivy Ogbebor says:

Thanks your is really helpful

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