Custom Slide-out Couch / Convertible Sofa Bed in a 144″ Sprinter Camper Van

In the comments of my full van tour video, I’ve gotten a ton of questions about how my slide-out convertible couch/bed combo works in my 144″ Sprinter Van. In this video, I show you how the sliders under the convertible sofa bed work so you can replicate this slide-out queen sized bed in your own Sprinter Van. For my full van tour, visit this post on my blog:×4-mercedes-sprinter-van-conversion-tour/
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I’m the gal behind outdoor travel blog Bearfoot Theory, and I dig mountains, music, and fresh air of all kinds. I live full time in a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van and you can usually find me wandering around the West with my GoPro in hand.

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Glenn Hinatsu says:

Hi.  I love your home.  It a great design.  Would you be able to tell us more about your van?
Is it expensive to maintain and repair as compared to a domestic?  How is the 4×4 system?
Do you think you could have gotten away with a promaster front wheel drive?   Would you be able to show us how you winter camp? What do you do with your water systems and heat for winter camping.

Victor Guerrero says:

Awesome layout!
where did you order your custom memory foam?!

Jason Baxter says:

Hey Bearfoot Theory. Just a through about the Velcro being too hard. Maybe you could buy more Velcro and cut it into squares and then cover up the other Velcro but don’t sew it onto anything. That way less Velcro from the two sides is connected

jvbm41 army says:

How much was it total to buy the van and have it converted

Kace says:

1:12 your welcome.

Herbert Spock says:

Well, I would say: use less velcro; just put it in 3 or 4 spots, it’s just to keep things in place.

Carlos Reyes says:

Love the van! Was wondering what the dimensions are. Getting ready to do a conversion and was wondering. Thanks!

booAHHHH says:

you seem so happy ! this van is a great idea

Harley archer says:

Just came across her video I have yet to find the video on what it costs the sprinter and the build so what’s up with that

account PRO says:

What’s the brand of the slider????It looks very strong!!

The Jamisons says:

Love this!

RV Sun says:

Your Sprinter van conversion is probably the best I’ve seen so far. I love the optimal use of space. And I love the add-ons like the roof rack. Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos.

Cargo Vans says:

Best bed system I have seen yet. Leave it to a woman 🙂

Gregory Chevalier says:

Is that your design….ingenuity. I like it

Sonny Earp says:

Hi, love your van setup. I have one question, is your van walls, ceiling and floor insulated? Peace and safe travels.

North Carolinian says:

This van is awesome! I would much rather live in that than my house. Living expenses in the city make it impossible to get ahead, leaving no extra money for living a decent life. Thanks for sharing this

Cameron Garcia says:

Where did you buy the bed?

markman5 says:

One of the best bed set ups I have seen. Convertibility is key, so you can make best use of the volume of space for the task at that moment. Agreed, removing velcro and adding a fabric hinge at the split on the back cushion and a couple of handle straps at the hinge (to help pop the cushion from bed to back-cushion) would make transitioning easier. Heck, the hinge could be a flap of velcro, so if you ever felt the need to separate the cushions you could. Also, create a velcro connection between the sidewall of the van and the edge of the cushion so the cushion would auto-drop into place when extending the bed platform. Now, you have a true one-handed operation!

wayne atwood says:

That “how does that bed work?” was my fist question. So. Thanks 🙂

Ed Tills says:

Do you know who could build the same bed system, I am thinking about having it done on my build. Thanks, Ed or cell 585-943-9412 awesome build by the way.

Kathryn Kenyon says:

So, once you reattach the hinge to the wall, how do you get that folding piece of bed up, and  access to the “works” of the van? Also, what are the small brass fittings all along the wall just under the upper cabinets? Love your van build…very similar to what I had in mind except I have a Ford Transit van. One more thing, what kind of toilet is that? Do you have a grey water tank for that and the kitchen sink? How often do you have to empty the toilet and how do you do that?

Steve Shepperdson says:

Hi love the bed well love the whole van could you tell me what the sliders are and where to buy them ?????

kelvin williamson says:

Thanks for posting, it was quite interesting.
I like the layout of the van, it is quite open, but has everything that’s needed.
P.s I think your cute.

designpete says:

Very good video! I’ve got a lot of ideas from your videos. I’ll have to draw a plan based on your floor plan with a slight modification. Thank you very much!

Jordan McSween says:

Where did u get your “custom” bed made?

Renee Russell says:

You did a really fantastic job thinking this process out when you planned it. It’s one of the nicest Sprinter conversions I’ve seen.

Athena Ambrosia says:

thank you for showing is i had so many qestions about your bed now i know thanks

Styx62 Ga says:

The van dweller is sexy

The redReiter says:

waaay too much Velcro.  they could have accomplished the same thing with 25% IMHO.  🙂  Great vids!

Surfcityriot says:

Thats awesome….where are the best places to hike naked in Utah and Arizona….??

Anne A. says:

what does the bottom of the slide out portion look like?

sfx says:

I think it’s better to have all the electric gear in the closet area at the bottom.
It’s maybe better than sleeping with all that electricity close to you.
I dont know if that transition would be easy or not.

Simon Bee says:

Thanks for making this video, Kristen! I’m in the process of getting a similar bed made for my van too. Would you be able to tell me what thickness mattress you’re using and how high the overall height is? Thanks in advance.

gallantgland says:

So… touchy subject… how do u deal with who sleeps wear? Who gets to sleep on the halved cushions during sleepovers?
Its been my experience that the shorter(usually girls) sleeps on the inside due to the chair and cabinets boxing one in. I can always FEEL the halved(quartered) cushions in a really uncomfortable way.
On the flipside, The part that cantilevers out, always seems to hang at an angle to the rest of the bed, eventually., especially being weak on the corners where u sit on an edge and collect yourself, groggily, until theres a frightful creak or crack sound. I didnt see a kick pole when u slid your bed out.

Thomas Koch says:

I plan on doing this in my van. Trying to find the exact rails that were used. Any numbers on them or identification marks on them?

Haseena Napier says:

I apologize if this is a repeat question, but is this bed is custom build? I know the mattress pads themselves were custom but cam I buy that bed frame/setup somewhere?

Thanks so much for these videos and your honesty about what has worked and what you would do different. Has been INCREDIBLY helpful for me as I make my van setup decisions!

Farid says:

i love you. half ofthe bed just hangs there without any legs, when you sleep?

DJ H says:

Cool, no soo cool 🙂

Marko Markuezovic says:

Does it squeek or make a lot noise when you’re getting screwed or is it stable??? I’m wondering because of those sliders you have them on.

Be Medina says:

Awesome! Very wise use of space without over cluttering. Convenient, practical and intelligent conversion!!

Edgunsuk says:

Thanks for the link to this video but as you can see from the comment below i have already found it , my problem is ball bearing sliders does not give me enough information to go out and buy them and without seeing how they are attached on top of a frame i am a little lost , the sliders are designed to go on the side of a draw and i cant for the life of me work out how you would mount them upright on edge on top of somethng instead .

Deborah Benedict says:

Thanks so much for sharing.

Dwight Barnell says:

I wanna bed just like yours. Where can I get a drawing? My 24-year-old millennial daughter is going to help me. She can do no wrong. Thanks for the videos. Dwight, the “baby boomer-old school” almost retired dreamer.

Steve-in-Toronto says:

Great stuff. Can I ask, what are the dimensions in length and width? A true queen bed would be about 60″ wide, and I can’t see that fitting with much room left if it was a queen.

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