DIY Bed | 3-Tool Series

The 3-tool series documents Jessie making all of her furniture using just 3 power tools, a drill, sander, and circular saw. full instructions coming soon to
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Jerry Soto says:

Can I take you out for coffee?

blacksunrise says:

Prison beds are a great way to show someone who did a 26 year stretch you care…Jesse rules

Muhammad Ikhwan says:

how long it takes to finish this DIY?

akash shukla says:

anyone else notice her shoes??

The Howling Silver Wolf says:

The bed is very cool, it’s given me some idea’s of my own, also I could listen to you speak forever, your lisp is adorable.

DMT Boy says:

Zthisz izs a good zvidzeo hahahahaa

slimkt says:

Very cool looking bed! I’m a stomach sleeper, so I’d probably have to nix the headrest, but I really like the simple and clean design. Also, that lisp is really cute. ^.^

ma cac pe voi says:

this video reminds me of Sylvester the pussycat

Herr Harnisch says:

This bed will be molded in one week, the matress needs air circulation under it.

treizeheures says:

I love your stuff! also love your converse 😉
wish jessie had more of her ideas here…this is just the kind of thing i’d like!

NoVaKane says:


Nelson Jerez Vidal says:

i would have flipped the triangles, so you can put the base in a vertical position

jurrd says:

Can yall mentor me? 🙂

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

How does it stand up to a good fuck though?

Daniel Becerril says:

Love this idea. Thank you.

Maggieblueee says:

the mattress is a peiece of toast

chris billie says:

that was AWESOME!

Sebastian Quinonez says:

How come every YouTuber that does wood furniture have a Lisp

Victoria Pichon says:

Why am I so sure she likes cotton swabs?

Miguel louis says:

Looks like a military bed with surplus government funds

Paul Lasson says:

OMG this voice …

Tito Vazqueezyy says:

Idk why but her lisp is so cute and sexy

Bruno Casas Mendez says:

Muy bonito y moderno además de sencillo

Christine Le says:

That is a cool project. I wonder what else you can do with three tools

Chris says:

Cool project, but your mattress is depressing.

대하 / 大河 says:

the girl reminds me of the babysitter from the incredibles

Hans Batzeneder says:

whats with this “nice people at home depot” all over these types of videos? are they paying you to say that?

Hanaa Fekry says:

how much weight can it bear?

Alex Bacon says:

It’s a reasonable design for temporary but there are a few things that would make it stronger, more comfortable and improve the life of the mattress. Yes it would require a little more time and skill but it would be worth it as the basic idea is very good

Kelly McQueen says:

I’m desperate to know how much weight you think this could support. I have a much larger and thicker mattress than an ikea one, but I love the idea of this super easy bed

TheMilkyWayCitizen says:

For someone as light-weighed as her, the bed would do nicely, me thinks.

Ármin de Villa says:

What is with her mouth/sound?

le school guy says:

hi, i’m jeshsee

Myles Cook says:

Sweet lithp

Tom Tompkins says:

Ive seen alot of bed designs, this is simple, but very appealing. Ive been looking for something easily moveable by one person, this is great, thanks for sharing

Adrian garza says:

Love the lisp.

Subhan's Vault says:

ma’am you’re wearing two different color shoes

Josh Hernandez says:

Would it work for a regular mattress

Finn The Human says:

this bed reminds me of when i was in prison.. i sleep on my stomach fyi.. its for easy access to my butthole

MustacheVerra says:

You guys deserve a sub.

Henry Castillo says:

is that sturdy enough?? I was planning to make.the same bed but i’m I afraid it might break 🙁

Ivan P says:

thats not three tools. i’ve counted 19 tools.

david says:

Hello Jessie, this a good idea for a bet to use plywood for a good resistance.
But bed need airing because during the nights our body sweat and the mat will go mouldy.
Saw u can drill a lot of hall in the play wood to prevent this.

best regards

David Young french designer
and I’m looking fore a job in France (Lille) 😉

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