DIY wall bed for under $150

DIY wall bed directions & plans here:

DIY wall bed for under $150 (with shelves)- DIY murphy bed. (My dad is showing you how it works… a much requested video!) My dad & my husband built this wall bed and so many of you have been asking for a video of it- so here you go! 🙂 to drop something off, so I asked him to help me fold it up so that I could make this video for you.

See the full post with pictures and more instructions at

This bed costs around $70 to build, plus another $80 for the shelving.


Brady Mathes says:

Great idea Looks really good how far from the wall is your 2×6 and how high off the floor I,m trying to build one did you what did you use for the framing of the bed ??? Thank you

nubiantigeress says:

There’s no sound. Is it just my computer?

Pam Krusac says:

Beckey   I am going to have a handy man build this for me. you said it was heavy to fold. I am 72 and do not have the strength I used to.
Is there any way to get a list and size of the hardware you are using? Now that you have built one do you have any thought on how to make it easier to fold?  It would really be great to talk to your husband and get first hand.  He could talk to my handy man???  If not thank you for posting this video

Pam ;o)

Priscilla Sadler says:

this is going in my small house (Tiny house)

Propertyexit says:

awesome video. Really love how you guys built it. How heavy is it you think to lift up?

Nathan W says:

Very inexpensive and creative. My only concern would be the pillows slipping off the back of the bed as you sleep. Either some form of headboard or the ability to lift it up and back towards the wall with a slide.. that would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.

Owes Ibrahim says:

so much effort every morning rushing to work, nice idea though

Martoes says:

You are amazing. As a student my room doesn’t have alot of space, but if I folded my bed, it would be alot bigger! Now to get it hidden away in the wall is a bit to tryhard for me so I will probably leave the sides and give it a feeling like a four poster bed, or make underneath the bed a wardrobe! THanks for inspiring me, if I ever find the time to make this bed, I will let you know and post a video online. Greetings from a dutch fellah.

Hi Honey says:

Hi, this looks really nice , do you have plans or more video on how to build it? Great idea, I wonder if the little shocks like for automatic door closing would work in this somehow to help the lifting and putting away, also possible reduce the speed of the drop and reduce weight?  Great video. Thanks

ForeverLove10000 says:

would have been great if you actually show the construction of it

Napoleon King says:

inspiring video by the way. 🙂

Ginny Hilton says:

Great idea, thanks for sharing!

Eleana Noia says:

thats really cool but it does look loke a lot of work to put it away

mrsmerilyn13 says:



Thanks so much, that is awesome. Thanks for posting it you guys are brilliant.  😉

Joseph Barrington says:

Thanks for the video! I knew there had to be a way to build a hidden bed without the expensive kits…your system is just what I was looking for…gold stars for design, finished project and video!!!

SPRINGtoo Life says:

Job well done! Can you do a video on the construction of the bedflat. Showing the support strength structure?

jose Guerra says:

nice idea,,, I guess is a little heavy but seems workable

niteraven7333 says:

that’s pretty cool. simple and easy

iwinfirst says:


Lasarythe says:

Does it hold weight well? could it hold 300 pounds? I have will have lots of big dogs lol

Matt J says:

when it is folded up can you see the hinges at the bottom? if not how did you hide them?

Ines Barrionuevo says:

~*~ S M A R T !!! ~*~ THANK YOU FOR SHARE !!!

Niareno says:

Thank You for sharing this video!!! I really like your design and its affordable!!! Thanks again!!! Love it!!!!!! 🙂

1958lka says:

why don’t you make that upper door with a floor in it and then you will have a cabinet for storage space.

loveinspired7 says:

Now I need step-by-step instructions… where can I find that?!  I love it!

Sebastian Pinto says:

Wow… just wow
Easy, simple, convenient and easy to DIY…

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