How to Make a Sofa Bed

How to make a multi-functional SOFA that turns into a CHAISE LONG, a BED, has STORAGE underneath and even a COFFEE TABLE!

Portuguese and english subtitles available!

Plans available at

Rockler products used on this project:

Dowel Drilling Jig Kit –
Tapered Bit/Countersink –
Aluminum Bar Clamps –
T-Track Table Top –
Shop Stand –
Wooden Handscrew Clamps –

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Christina Nunez says:

Awesome thanks for sharing!

Durpatty Depeiza says:

wooooow super cool i admire you very much

Lhyne Alpha says:

What im here for is that cushion… good thing u know how to sew… wish i could sew too…

Mark Fernandes says:

engineer driven, invention minded. impressive

gabriel romero trujillo says:

wow magnific disegn. beautifull.

jose colil says:

bonito,trabajo limpio y ordenado ,mujer tenias que ser ,nadie mas puede trabajar asi.solo una mujer hermosa.

Waheed Rafiq says:

You are so perfect , nice idea well done , and thanks for sharing it will build this myself too

rares play says:

how did you get sponsored by bosch

3xantrik says:

It looks thicker than 21mm. Are you sure or it just looks like thicker to me?

Walter Ochoa says:

You had me at fluffy stuff!

Munt Munt says:

are you carpenter or sewer woman ?

Петрик Пьяточкин says:

Все отлично , но …..Угол у спинки , который упирается в пол со временем начнет крошится , любое движение всей конструкции оставит царапины на полу , так что лучше там делать что то вроде откидных ножек. А так молодец. Я конечно сказать что в шоке от наличия столько инструмента вообще ничего не сказать. У нас если ты имеешь такой инструмент то ты себе бы купил легко 5 таких кроватей готовых )). Всех благ и новых идей. ) Привет из Украины.

Scott Lee Webb says:

Very talented I enjoy your inspirational educational videos. Better than prime time television. Five stars!!!!!

adventures kids says:

I am from India. Your very creative

MrHoboMan says:

Great project, builds like these inspire me thank you for sharing. Subbed!

Tony Bryce Perez says:

that is a terrific job!

Bob Proctor says:

great job, also great video production quality value, I can see so much effort put into it, all those angle changes!! … 10/10!!!

the Lying Scotsman says:

We’ll done young lady I love your sofa bed .

Greg Witt says:

when in doubt, tear it apart..

toni poetayo says:

Me a encantado muy buen trabajo

Georgia Corey says:

Love it.

Bill Rayvan says:

Eastern Nigeria design very cool.

Stephen Hodge says:

Brilliant! Don’t know how I found you, but now I am a subscriber!!!

khaled saadaoui says:

Good job.

sharon robinson says:

Love it!

Slava Robotam says:

Так нихуя и не понял: баба это или мужик ?

Nibbler800 says:

Great stuff. Is there a tool / gadget to help someone drill straight into a wall, keeping drill at a right angle? Anyone know?

Clare Colins says:

Really well presented A clever idea!

Carlos A. Meza says:

amazing built, but hard to do

Christophe Person says:

Great video !!!!

Deddy Maickho says:

very niece

David Vergara says:

Love the projects u come up with. Great job

Kalvin One says:

wonderful ! thanks so much for the video

evert anders says:

this woman is amazing

BTDarters Channel says:

So nice! Such great work & a great design! Thanks for posting!

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