IKEA BRIMNES extendable Day bed frame with 2 drawers assembly

How to assemble IKEA Brimnes day bed with 2drawers. This Ikea Brimnes bed is a good solution for small rooms or limited spaces maybe for guests it extends to double bed with good storage under two large drawers. Ikea Brimnes Daybed frame with 2 drawers dimension when close 80×200 cm. Brimnes ikea trundle bed design Currently £159 in the UK.

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Stephanie Hernandez says:

Whats the weight limit on this bed

純平 _ says:

we are the world!

Sonal Patel says:

Is this bed ok for sleep for all night?

melodic713 says:

i’m confused w/which rails go on the on the sides of the panals w/the wheels.. on the video starting at 1:35
it’s a bit confusing i guess the rails w/the white round pieces go in the middle?

Patton The Intel Gamer says:

what mattress is that 🙂

Vijay Karajgikar says:

This video helped me a lot. Thanks for posting this video. I had 2 men and truck guys shift this bed for me and they had messed the assembly. I did not realize till after 5-6 days. After seeing that they had not assembled it properly, I had disassemble the whole thing (almost) and assemble it again. Took help of this step by step video and saved the day. Thanks again.

Ricardo Fernandes says:

isto é uma merda

melodic713 says:

i get that the middle panal has whitewalls on it.. & the outside panals have only one rail.
that means were using 4 rails in total.. right?..(2/middle & 1 for each of the sides = 4)
…well there are 3 other rails in the assimbly.. i don’t see where they go

Itzel Muñoz says:

In the video you said the panel goes on hole 14 and it’s exactly in the middle. When I was building it it wasn’t in the middle and in the picture in the directions it wasn’t either. I counted and I put it on 14. So why is yours exactly in the middle?

Sydni Ybarra says:

I did exactly this but my bed ended up slanted. do you know where I went wrong

Margaret Sadler says:

Can’t get one of the drawers to slide into place. Is there a trick? Both drawers fit into the space on the right; neither draw fits into the space on the left. What might be the problem???

Diva380 says:

I just put together a twin-size Brimnes bed, and when I finally got to the drawers, they don’t fit perfectly inside the bottom of the bed. They slide, but there is a gap between the bottom of both drawers and the bed, and when I pull them out, they tip down instead of pulling out straight. I can’t figure out what is wrong…

Diana Levin says:

Thank you sooo much you helped me a lot!

Consuelo Perez says:

OMG… How long did it take?

Fabulessme says:

pls can you put a better mattress on this daybed

•Miracle • says:

hi plz answer what tools do u need to bulit this and did the bed have all the tools that we need …what do we have to buy for this bed

Jerry Ray says:

the description says black but it looks dark brown. what is the color really?

Mar tina says:

Donde se consigue ese tipo de cama?

Himanshu Chopra says:

Hi there, I cant find this bed on IKEA. please can you share the correct link?

jean says:

You just make this look so damn easy for you haha

brodarevo Sandzak says:

Thank you for this video is very useful ikea is bad with information

melodic713 says:

correction there are 4 other rails not 3 left that i have no idea where they go

Peter Brusch says:


MatthewJackson 265 says:

1:17 did u drill a new hole in it or its already has a hole?

omicron plays 360 says:

Thanks, You saved our life!!! I subscribed

Molly O Brien says:

pls do a austmarka chest of drawers

melodic713 says:

on your video.. it shows you put on 4 rails (only) where does the other 4 rails go?

wowerman says:

Does 80cm width feel wide enough to sleep for one person ?

Louis Williams Suga Adams Jr. III says:

Do the two matresses came with the bed?

deltawhiskeymike says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this on youtube.  It helped immensely.  I got in done in a day, otherwise it would have take at least a week lol

PeterPro says:

Is this comfortable to sleep on?

Tim Clauson says:

would it be possible to elevate the entire base slightly? i have a space that is 1400mm up against a staircase which rises sharply.

Lucy Santiago covers says:

I love it nice…

Wani M says:

can a queen size bed fit.?

Monica Molina says:

thanks, I just wish it would it be a little bit slow video.

Dodge Bolly says:

can you put a normal mattress on this or does it need to be as slim as shown on this video?

Raahil Plays says:

thank you, so much!

Javen Wedderburn says:

hi am wanting to get this soon but would I be able to sleep on this fine being 6’4? would it also hold my weight being 210 pounds?

melodic713 says:

plus.. each these rails are slightly differnt.. i can’t figure out which one goes on which side.. the assimbly instructions seems to be a bit mis-leading for me to understand at this part.. but it seems like the rest of the instructions are much easier to follow..

…im stuck.

Jose Gonzalez says:

I want to buy this daybed directly from IKEA.com, but does the daybed come with those two mattresses or would I have to buy them separately?

retxed says:

hi when you pull out the bed. will it trap dust in the open space below the bed?? its difficult to clean isnt it?

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