LUCID Folding Mattress & Sofa with Removable Indoor Outdoor Fabric Cover Review

I purchased the LUCID four inch thick folding mattress and sofa from Amazon to use in a spare room as a guest bed. It looked like an excellent solution because when folded, it stays out of the way and only cost $139 (for the queen size) vs. hundreds of dollars for a murphy bed, wall bed, bunk bed, futon or trundle bed. While the folded sofa floor chair orientation isn’t very high and looks a bit like a kids bench, it did feel comfortable enough as I stretched my legs out. This portable folding bed would be excellent for sleepovers, a kids room, camping, storing at a cabin or even in a dorm room and can work with bed frames if you want to raise it up to look more normal.

While researching this mattress I discovered that there’s an older version with more square look vs. the angled back rest. I like how comfortable this one felt when folded up though I haven’t tested the older one, just this new one. LUCID offers a five year warranty and the cover has zippers so you can remove the foam inside and then machine wash the cover. Apparently the foam inside is CertiPUR-US certified to have no harmful odors and is resistant to dust mites and safe for children. The listed weight is 28.1 pounds but I weighed it at 22 lbs with my own luggage scale. The dimensions and size are 60” wide x 80” Long x 4” thick.

– Lucid folding mattress:
– Folding bed frame:


Geneva Li says:

I’ve been looking for a full demonstration video for these mattresses! Thank you 🙂 Have you ever seen a twin mattress that folds up lengthwise (like a futon mattress in the larger sizes)? That’s what I’m also looking for.

Hannibal Graham says:

The only time shit like this is interesting and worth watching is when you fuckin need it. lol My room is basically the same size. I’m using a loft right now, but so far, this seems amazing.

Bruce Wayne says:

What size is the mattress?

Jkou Files says:

oh cool, not too bad for midgets

Jeremey Branch says:

Good video. I enjoyed your family story, unboxing and review.

Matthew Taylor says:

This is totally off topic.. I apologize. You’re the electric bike guy, right? I randomly found you here looking up the Lucid mattress for myself. I was shocked to see you doing a review of a mattress. Not because it’s under you or anything, so please don’t take offense to that. I just didn’t expect it. However, like always, you killed the review.

Regarding the bed frame.. I wish there was a fold up version that the lucid could sit on, in couch mode, where then both would unfold at the same time turning into a bed. Like a futon. I’m trying to save space as well in my room. Thinking a Futon might be the best route. I don’t really want to sleep on the floor and the height of a couch is most desirable. Awesome review! Thanks!


Benjamin Tibbetts says:

This was really helpful! Thank you very much for making this. 🙂

Nilmarly LJ says:

I like you

priceandpride says:

you’re always so thorough, however you didn’t do a jumping test!

Fawzi Breidi says:

good editing. keep it up

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