My Life As- Sofa and Pull-Out Bed! OPENING AND REVIEW!

Today I get to open and review this awesome couch bed for American Girl dolls!

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radha suresh says:

I don’t wanna be rude or anything

raina Straughter says:

how much was it?????????

Danielle R says:

I have them at my house too

radha suresh says:

but your video is great

radha suresh says:

my life dolls are money friendly and awesome quality Ag dolls are just a rip off

Bobby Biggs says:

your video is awesome

Ashley Reyes says:

hu cares of the lump your stuupit

Angella Jowders says:

I have an my life fold out bed to but it is polka dotted oink and purple

KK says:

I got mine on Feb 15 2016

cupcake gamer says:

if you think its for ag dolls you are rong its called my life as a sofa its from the my life dolls I have the sofa its on the my life doll section on Walmart I have 1 my life doll and the sofa and a lot of more stuff

cooking w/ angel 101 tumbleing w/ dani 101 says:

I have 2 and their names r carman and lily

The Berry's show says:

————who is watching in 2016———-

Charlana Gubbins says:

i have that

AGSatisfaction 333 says:

Your supposed to pull out the back too

singing sensations says:

I have it!

Adrianna cook says:

I got the couch to.

nala aleman says:

you are lying the whole collection of my life as is great you miner

Madison life says:

there are as good as American girl but ag is so much more money

Random Emo-yee says:

I don’t wanna be rude or anything but the my life dolls are better for really little girls because you can’t remove her head and my 3 year old cousin loves my my life doll so the my life dolls are better than ag dolls but I mean that’s just my opinion and a lot of moms opinion plus the my life dolls are cheaper and all the sets are cheaper to

TooManyWildThoughts says:

I think your suppost to keep the arm rest up so it can be like the picture shown

Jaya Reuter says:

I have this

Zulaika Northrose says:

When you said my life as is never as good quality as ag or og, that was rude and offensive. Keep your opinion to your self if it may hurt others please. I am a my life as girl, so that was something that will keep me from subscribing to you.

Kantrice Hammon says:

I have one with dots

BuddahFlower says:

No offense but i would rather get the sit and snooze fold out bed from ag 😛 this just has too little of a back and I don’t like the lumpiness or the arm rests laying down like butterfly wings XD

Sara Cornwell says:

The my life as has two chair beds

Brianna Buckner says:

Think of a American girl doll u like repost on a mother Vid and look under your pill

Kenila Lewis-jonhson says:

I will kill you for putting Your American Girl doll in a my life doll chair

Rida Saifullah says:

I have that same exact couch from Walmart

Lena's AG doll Channel says:

Did you get it in PA?

Sasha Lucas says:

the back end goes down

Brianna Buckner says:


Ashley Bye says:

I have it

Hey its JJ says:

I don’t know which to get the my life doll pull out bed or the American girl doll one HELP PLZ

Rhonda Nelson says:

sry but I’m not a fan of ag and og I like my life as but great video I was going to get !!!thx for the tips tho

puppy lover #1 says:

did you say you got it at wallmart???????

Trinity Hooper says:

i want one

Keona Madison says:

I had it since 2013 or 2012

Our World says:

I have this

Muhammadraas Raas says:

is cute and cool

jr and jocelynn spirles says:

where did you get this from it’s like awesome this really is awesome for all the girls because I’m American All Door you’re standing there and there’s some here and there and they are

Trinity Gettman says:

OMG I just got that so fun yesterday at Walmart

AG Glamour Girl says:

I have this! It’s a great product! I didn’t exactly plan on getting it, I wanted to get the REAL bed, I thought it was $12, but it was $20 so I just decided to get the pullout couch. It was worth it, because it’s really cute! My Molly doll (not the historical) loves it! I recommend it!

JUIL lomeo says:

I have it too it’s really good to use

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