PICKING A CRIB! | Baby Steps: Cullen & Katie

Step #13: Sleep is important so pick some nice sleeping digs for baby!

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PICKING A CRIB! | Baby Steps: Cullen & Katie


kayla nicole says:

1:14 and their having baby brooks soon

taylor laing says:

The 2 oun

Carlee Walker says:

i love the Alabama one

Kamal Bhakta says:


Holly J Read says:

Super cute! I love your vlogging style!

Kindercrafty says:

We had a converter crib for my son and purchased the converter kit but did NOT end up using it. We sold his nursery furniture as an entire set on Craig’s list and then we purchased him a new twin bed with drawers for storage underneath (he keeps blocks and Legos in there) and a matching tall dresser. Good luck, the nursery is coming along nicely 🙂

Megan Heinrich says:


Kaitlyn Janas says:


Melanie Onions says:

Drop side cribs were  never recalled in Australia so the majority of families still have them 🙂 Feel free to follow me to keep up with my pregnancy VLOGs

Theresa says:

“My mom used a drawer.” LOL

Macey Moo x says:

2nd crib

Courtney Kelleck says:

The first white one

Natalie Rivera says:

They are all nice but I think its cheaper, easier and safer when baby sleeps in the same bed as mommy right in the middle. No need to get up and have a baby far away in a different room. Im too scared a burglar may come in, a earthquake or baby stops breathing. All 4 of our kids have slept in our beds. I breastfeed right on my bed. My last baby is almost 9 months old and I still breastfeed her exclusively. I know a lot of woman say its not safe but it is. Google co sleeping and co bed sharing with your newborn.

Elizabeth Morris says:

Love it

BrokenHeartsAndTwistedMinds757 says:

What is the name of this crib? It’s beautiful, I’m looking for a grey crib.

topdog9007 says:


wolfprincess027 says:

Ohhh my gosh that crib/bed is awesome!

Katie T says:

I love that it is not the standard wood color or white. Can’t wait to see the room come together!

The Everything Batman Guy says:

The Alabama one for sure

CxNaomiCx •-• says:

who is watching this in 2015 and MG is 1 year old

Andrea c says:

Learned nothing about cribs here.

Krystal Finetti says:

I love the set you picked!

Angel Rose Quill says:

How funny Cullen said his next baby would be a boy and it is

Sarah Ernst says:


Gabriel Lukish says:

actually you only have 10 weeks (maybe 9)

jtq3609 says:

Gray one

Livingboldlynfierce says:

I liked the flat back. But the one you chose is pretty too. Congrats on your baby.

Kambryn Manta says:


Stacy Paige says:

I use a wheelchair so we have a TV Stand as our changing table. It’s the perfect height for mommy!! And when daddy does a diaper change (which is rare since he works while mommy stays home with baby girl) he doesn’t mind the low height as he’s not standing there for too long.

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