Which Tonneau Cover is for me?

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There is a lot of tonneau covers on the market. This video will help you in making the best decision on your next purchase. Click Show More below for all Tonneau Cover Options.

Electric Tonneau Covers: Electric truck bed covers can be opened or closed with the push of a button. Featuring hard panels for maximum security and protection. There is also a option of a manual retractable.

Folding Tonneau Covers: These truck bed covers fold up into multiple sections, allowing you to easily switch between keeping your truck entirely covered, partially covered, or completely open. They’re available in both hard and soft styles, with soft options most often utilizing a vinyl covering over an aluminum frame, while our hard folding tonneau covers come in your choice of ABS, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Hinged Tonneau Covers: Comes in both hard and soft hinged tonneau covers that offer simple operation and protection for everything in your truck bed. They open and close smoothly and can be locked into a lifted position for maximum usability of your truck bed.

Rack Option Tonneau Covers: If you need a tonneau cover on your truck but don’t want to completely sacrifice the ability to mount a truck rack on your pickup at the same time, then our rack option tonneau covers may be the solution. Here you’ll find the Adarac Truck Rack that will work with most inside bed rail mount tonnos, as well as the Utility Rig and Contractors Rig from Pace Edwards that are made to work with that company’s Jack Rabbit and BedLocker truck bed covers

Retractable Tonneau Covers: With options made to fit nearly every make and model of pickup truck out there. With their durable aluminum or ABS construction, retractable tonneau covers slide open and close, allowing for easy access to your truck bed while providing top notch protection for your cargo. They are easy to operate and can be locked into multiple open positions, allowing you to keep your bed partially open if necessary (some can be locked into any position, while others have specific latching points).

Roll-up Tonneau Covers: Of all the soft truck bed covers we have to offer, our roll-up tonneau covers are the ones chosen by more consumers than any other on the market. With their combination of quality, simplicity, and affordability, it’s easy to see why. Generally constructed using high quality vinyl with Velcro or snap enclosures, they’re easy to roll open and closed, and can even be left partially open when need be.

Snap Tonneau Covers: Typically the lowest price tonneau cover the Snap tonneau covers are available in both roll-up and hinging designs. They generally consist of an aluminum frame that clamps to your truck bed and then a vinyl cover with snaps is the attached to the frame.

Toolbox Tonneau Covers: These tonneau covers are designed to be mounted on your truck in conjunction with your crossover toolbox for the ultimate combination of truck bed protection and tool storage. This helps you maximize your productivity when you’re hard at work while providing easy access to your gear and equipment.

Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers: Available in both hard and soft models, tri-fold tonneau covers fold into three separate sections which can easily be flipped up to gain access to your truck bed. Available in vinyl, ABS, aluminum, or fiberglass, they’re easily installed and removed without requiring much mechanical experience.

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qendrim morina says:

What is the cover at 1:11 called!!! Plz help?

ThatYooperGaming says:

Anyone know a roll up one that will fit a 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport with a crew cab?

Cliff Azure says:

I have an auxiliary tank in my truck’s bed and it only sticks up a little bit above the bed Rails maybe 2 or 3 inches can I use a toolbox tonneau or will that be too much of a gap between the cover and the tank???

ty m says:

What is the one at 1:04 on the red ford? Its retractable but what brand? Thanks!

S.S.5 says:

which one would be best for a 1992 chevrelot silverado 1500?

Joe Reyes says:

i need one that works with a rack and tool box

Traxxasboy9087 says:

I want to get a hard trifolding cover for my f150, i will occasionally toss some stuff in the bed but it is definetly not a work truck, would this be a good fit for me

HD_POWER says:

Didn’t help me 🙁 I’m searching for a good water resistant cover that doesn’t require me to open it or touch it if I want to open the tailgate. I have Bakflip VP when I open the tailgate door, I must open the cover to close the door! So here is my problem. So Water Resistant + Doesn’t require me to open it if I open/close tailgate door + hard like roll/up or folding pieces for security.

Kevin Nguyen says:

do they make tonneau covers that dont take up space so i can put a bike in and be able to close the tailgate

Ron Ames says:

vacillating between Revolver X2, Pergaon and the Truck Covers USA (pricey)…… thoughts?????

Montana Annie says:

Went to website but couldn’t find the retractable one

Dead Walker Alpha 1/9 says:

I need a sliding bed cover for my Nissan Frontier…..so people stop throwing trash in my truck and stealing my belongings

Super Mario says:

lol each one starts at 300$++

mark ruby says:

I purchased the tonnopro loroll tonneau cover serial number LR 2005 for my Dodge Ram 2008 1500 pickup 04 wheel drive 2. I love this toneau cover so far I had it two months and I have used it and cleaned it just like they say He’s supposed to clean the toneau cover every month with the cleaner provided the toneau cover cleaner. Look forward to a long and happy long life with this cover hope it lasts like they say it does. thank you for a good product.

RealTruck.com says:

Shop 100+ Styles of Tonneau Covers! http://bit.ly/2qw4p23

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