AmazonBasics Mattress Review | Cheap Bed in a Box (2018 UPDATED)


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AmazonBasics Mattress Review 2018 – Best Budget Bed In A Box?! In this video, Jeff covers the Amazon Basics mattress review. This is a cheap mattress in a box that comes in three different heights or thickness. Regardless of which model you select, the bed is comprised of three foam layers, including a memory foam top layer. In this video, Jeff makes sure to discuss feel, firmness and which types of sleepers this bed is best for. Overall, he thinks this budget bed will work for all types of sleepers, including back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers. Other topics covered include motion isolation, edge support and responsiveness. We’ll see if it lands on our list of the Best Cheap Mattress 2018 or Best Budget Mattress In A Box 2018. Thanks for watching.

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robert laurence says:

great video guys. foam with a 1 yr warranty no thank you

Eric Myer says:

Amazon actually has everything

Martin LaVare says:

Makes sense if you need a cheap bed with easy shipping and want to earn some points…

K Spoon says:

Seems like this would be great for a guest room bed that doesn’t get a ton of usage.

Kathleen Goff says:

I agree with some other commenters … maybe for a guest bed, but that warranty alone removes any chance of me getting it as a full-time mattress for myself.

Rando The Great says:

Damn I haven’t seen a Riz video in a while but hot damn the production quality has really improved! Great video.

kenny wales says:

worth the money

charles lee says:

Probably people that are renting a home or college people would buy this type of mattress.

Camila Tucci says:

Great video! I’ve always been curious about Amazon beds

Sarah H says:

Its ok if u need something in a spare room or something.

Jonathan Boyd says:

Amazon Basics is a solid brand. This seems like a good mattress if you want something more affordable.

Taxo Chacon says:

Warranty kills it… might as well invest a little more for a better mattress

Zari Mandevski says:

Good work.

Josh Durham says:

Amazon needs to make a really affordable mattress with coils!

jeromy ross says:

I’d rather spend the money on a better mattress. You won’t have probs till after that warranty’s up lol.

cinetic81 says:

What jacket does he have on? It’s really cute

Karayah Holly says:

I agree – a good mattress for college students, kids/teens, or for an air bnb. Although, I question the reliability. Brooklyn Bowery, Love & Sleep, Eve, and Tuft & Needle are all a better deal, and you wouldn’t have to get a new one every two years.

Josh Cottrell says:

Something different from amazon there….
Congratulations for another great video – thank you so much for being so great for so long and consistently!
I think it was a good idea from amazon! Looks like good value and comfy 🙂

joshgillespie22 says:

Great video. Doesn’t seem like something I would want to sleep on every night but perfect for a guest bedroom. Something not used frequently.

Watch MrCuba says:

Can you review Amazon’s second mattress brand, Rivet? 100 days trial and 10 year warranty. Though, I’m sure Casper will still be better due to the zones.

Jason Outmezguine says:

for a guest bedroom

Keith Brantley says:

I would get it cause the price is fair

Ross Bagatski says:

Great bed for budget buyers. Immigrants will like it. Trump won’t.

Michael DiMeglio says:

Warranty isnt the greatest, but for that price you can just buy another.

Ryan MACK says:

I agree I think it would be good for an RV

Marianne Zemen says:

Thx for the video, but I’ll stick to paying a lil more better warranty and durability

Alfaisal Al Aufi says:

Bed frame?

The Alton's says:

The warranty isn’t that great. So just spend a little more for a better bed

King Juli en says:

I would like that Rizknows’ video even though it was covering… the best affordable used toothpick on Ebay lol

Caitlin Tate says:

The warranty is going to throw a lot of people off.

Ronan Griffin says:

I think its really cool and good value

Cassie Person says:

I was thinking this would be a great cheap transition bed, and if it gets messed up, no one’s crying lol. Like college or 1st year enlisted military.

Shawn Mahoney says:

What bed frame is that, the one with the gray headboard? Thanks

Fernando Diaz says:

Great option for kids, guests rooms and college students. Although warranty it’s an important thing to look out before buying

Kyle Beard says:

Sounds like a good bed. It’s pretty basic though.

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