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Let’s face it. Sometimes the need for a new mattress comes as a surprise, and our budgets aren’t always ready. Whether you’re shopping for something for your kids or guest bedroom, today we’re going to be taking a look at the brand new AmazonBasics memory foam mattress. You can get this product for as little as $129.99, and it features a very plush firmness that I think will be particularly inviting if you don’t carry much weight.

While the online business model offers a lot of convenience, you don’t get to lie on the mattress. We’re here to do that for you. Throughout the course of our complete review, we’re going to give you a well-rounded idea of what to expect.

Classic Memory Foam Feel
If you remember when memory foam first hit the market, you probably recall the very intriguing commercial featuring a woman jumping on the bed with a glass of red wine sitting on the sleep surface. It didn’t budge. Traditional memory foam was highly contouring and would envelop your curves in such a way that made you feel like you were sleeping on a cloud.

On the other hand, classic memory foam also had insulating features that could cause hot sleeping. I really like that traditional feel, and the AmazonBasics memory foam feels similar. However, in our heat transfer testing, it performed much better than I expected. If you like the memory foam feel and are willing to compromise slightly when it comes to breathability, you’ll definitely want to see how this worked out in my experience.

Exclusive Durability Information
During the course of my review, I really wanted to get an idea of the quality of the materials used. There were no densities mentioned on the website, and the Amazon representative I spoke with was unable to fill in these blanks.

I took matters into my own hands and cut foam pieces out of this product and took them to the lab. Watch our complete review to see what the densities of each foam layer is and what this means for you in terms of the ability of this product to stand the test of time.

Great for Side Sleepers
This product is quite plush. We’ll show you just how plush during our review. What does this mean for you? If you carry a lot of weight, this could mean it’ll envelop you too much. You may also notice a lack in support, specifically if you choose the 8-inch thickness option. However, if you don’t carry much weight and find its difficult to engage with your comfort layers, a plush firmness can be very accommodating.

Side sleepers often find particular comfort in a plush mattress in that it works to reduce pressure points. Areas like the hips and shoulders press into the mattress with more force than other areas of the body, especially when isolating the sleep surface to such a small area. The mix of a plush sleep surface and a thick layer of memory foam on top makes this a great consideration for any side sleeper on a budget.

Over the course of the next 13 minutes, we’ll cover all this and a whole lot more including:

Mattress layer construction
Edge support
Motion transfer reduction
Sleep position compatibility

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