AmazonBasics vs Zinus Mattress Review & Comparison (2019 UPDATED)

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AmazonBasics vs Zinus Mattress Review & Comparison (2019 UPDATED). In this video, Jeff covers Zinus vs Amazon Basics Mattress Review. Both of these beds are considered cheap mattresses. The Zinus Green Tea bed in a box has a soft memory foam feel and is best for side sleepers. Overall, this online mattress offers a ton of pressure relief. The AmazonBasics mattress is comprised of three layers but has more of a soft, neutral foam feel. Overall, we think the Amazon bed in a box is good for all types of sleepers, including back, stomach and side. Other topics covered in this video include firmness, motion isolation and price. We hope you enjoyed this Budget Amazon mattress review.

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Maribel Santiago says:

I’m leaning towards the amazon one a little more! Definitely wouldn’t be a daily use but very nice for guest room!!

Justin Francom says:

Still can’t get over that Amazon has its own line now.

Justin Lawrence says:

Still soaking in all this mattress info

Andrea Humphrey says:

Look at those low prices!

Shachy Johanly says:

I’d go for Zinus — actually I went for Zinus. Comes in today 🙂

Tonya Griff says:

I have never heard of AmazonBasics mattress, Great video

Shadow ZeroX says:

I’ve always been told that you get what you pay for. What’s your guy’s opinion on that in terms of mattresses?

Mikayla Mueller says:

Love your stuff such good content

Caitlin Tate says:

I think it would have to be for a guest room only.

Richard Mendoza says:

You are so hot I would literally buy anything you tell me to LOL

Thanks for the reviews!

Diana Cheche says:

Great video!! Think amazon basics would be the way to go for me if I had to choose.

Thalia Zamor says:

Resourceful and helpful content! Going from a generic student housing mattress to soon purchasing my own, yall have definitely aided in making the best choice, comfort and budget wise!

Ricardo A Torres says:

Great video one day I will win

Mitchell Perez says:

Great comparison video! Unfortunately these beds probably won’t work for myself.

mark molina says:

Great Video covering all prices. Smart. I can afford these but don’t want these.. Champagne / Scotch taste on a beer budget.

Scott M says:

Zinus reviews are actually better than Amazon on their own site. I went with Zinus

Nick Northcutt says:

Can you please do a review of the Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress. I want to get it so bad but dont know if the cooling gel is worththe upgrade from the regular

Josh Durham says:

Nice budget mattresses but I would opt for one of zinus’s hybrid mattresses for more support. Still pretty affordable, though.

Robin Lee says:

They look so jiggly. I guess I would buy for an extra bedroom or rv because of the price and quality. Thanks for the review! 🙂 if I had to get one over the other it’d be Zinus.

Hannah Rozell says:

Great comparison video , don’t think I really like any of these but great video none the less

Jaqueline Miguel says:

Updates!! Haha

Oshane Willie says:

Anyone know any mattress for heavy tall people like my self? I am 6’1 around 280.

Stephanie L. says:

Both affordable mattresses, but I think I’d want to spend a little more on a mattress that I would be able to sleep on for the long haul.

Joe Chilbert says:

All of your reviews have been super helpful for my girlfriend and I picking out a winning mattress for our new place! We are thinking Purple thanks to your insights, and loving the free return period in case we don’t end up liking it. Thanks again!

Richard Pan says:

great and informative video y’all, but amazon seems a little cheap lol

Ashley Sargent says:

I didn’t know that Amazon have their own mattress

Estrella Chavez says:

Thank you Jeff

Brian Lancaster says:


Rob Hannah says:

Definitely cheap beds…

Karayah Holly says:

Doesn’t Zinus have a longer warranty?

Joshua Guzman says:

Yeah no value in these.

oksana m says:

Great video! Just not sure with which one to go with?! Keep up the great work!

Hannah Rozell says:

great comparison video, thank you! you guys are making my mattress search easier

Watch MrCuba says:

Can you do Amazon’s more expensive brand, Rivet?

Christa Poisal says:

I have a Zinus mattress which can sometimes get too hot and feels more like memory foam. Some nights I can sleep on it and other nights I have to get up and sleep in the chair. It is a good mattress if it is for a spare bedroom or you don’t have to sleep on it every night.

robert laurence says:

great video guys but these beds will flatten like a pancake under this big dog. need a hybrid

Vizan Mohanbhai Jodhani says:

Zinus seems to be a better one among of 2. Informative video. Keep up the good work!!

Khristian Kellum says:

I have looked at the zinus brand but looking at the firmer spring mattress not the green tea one.

Christin Perkins says:

Now seeing these mattresses, I will probably not buy…

Dman1101 says:

guest room mattress’ or kids, thanks for the vid

Denisa Varda says:

AmazonBasics, seems like a no brainer.

Jose Mendez says:

thanks for the great review.

Thomas Mccomas says:

Not really interested in either of these myself but I think either would be fine in a guest room. Good video guys!

Bianka Holt says:

Why you don’t talk about Costco matress

Eryn Frew says:

seems like either would be a good option if you are needed a super budget friendly mattress. if I needed seems like basics would be more comfy.

Dustin Hale says:

Great video guys

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