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GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Bear mattress, designed to provide pain relief and muscle recovery for athletes…

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Time Chapter
0:04 Introduction
0:31 Comfort Level
1:07 Materials & Construction
4:38 Back Support & Pressure Relief
9:48 Responsiveness
13:06 Cushioning Depth
14:37 Motion Isolation
16:51 Repositioning
17:13 Temperature
19:49 Edge Support
20:57 Natural Materials & Certifications
22:18 Adjustable Base Compatibility
24:21 Return Policy
25:21 Price & Value
27:53 Summary
30:15 Final Thoughts


BMWg84 says:

I don’t understand how these companies accept back a 99 day USED MATTRESS . What do they do with all these returns??

Lynne Thermann says:

great review! thanks!

Aren Chaisson says:

We are trying out a Bear Mattress right now. My wife and I have been sleeping on it for about 90 days now. We like the way it feels when we are on our backs. It’s easy to move around on and the motion transfer is good. We do find the mattress sleeps hot for us. I’ve woken up sweaty on more than few nights. And we keep the house around 72 degrees at night. Side note: I called Bear Mattress to return it a couple of weeks ago and Scott offered to send us out a Bear Mattress cover for free to see it helped with the cooling of the mattress. My wife seems to feel like it sleeps cooler. But I’m still hot on occasion.
 Also, we sleep on our sides mostly and we don’t feel like there is enough pressure relief in our shoulders. I’m 5’10 250lbs and shes 5’7 140lbs. Hope this helps someone.

Twell609 says:

I’m 6’5 and 300lbs what mattresses would you recommend for me?

honduone says:

I am a stomach and side sleeper, I am 6′ tall 220lbs, which mattress would you recommend?

vacationboyvideos says:

I got the nector and hate it! I sink in to much! Then hit the bottom. Anything u recommend? My old Ikea was latex…any bed in box that is kinda like latex and have the free nights trials?

Akasaurus Gaming says:

I don’t have an active lifestyle but I DO have a rare cell disease that affects my muscles giving me lots of aches daily. Would Bear be more helpful for me than most others?

Rebecca King says:

Took your multiple test question thing for mattresses (sorry I honestly forgot the name of the quiz) I really liked it!! It gave me a wider range of options that weren’t overwhelming (compared to typing it in on Google or another search engine) and there’s actually allot of good suggestions

Thanks it was very helpful haha

Patrick says:

How close is this to a tempur pedic?

Jeff Vance says:

Amerisleep Revere, Bear or Nest Active X? My most recent bed was a tempurpedic rhapsody which I enjoyed. I am 5’9 215, side and back sleeper.

mrjobe86 says:

at what weight is one considered heavy?


Recently purchased the Bear Hybrid and was wondering how this compares to the standard Bear based on the plush to firmness range …….. it stated as being like 6 but in reality feels like an 7+ if not an 8! I’m 5’5” @180 lbs and the wifey ,Same height 135 lbs ball park …………thing is I called Bear on this matter being they advise on sleeping on it 30 days per suggestion,also they opted to send free of charge 2 extra layers of foam,unsure of the density………..

Mike Paul says:

Hi Mike. I have seen multiple reviews on various mattress brands. Any plans on reviewing PerformaSleep mattress? I’m 6ft tall & weigh 206lbs

Duc Duy Au says:

Hi I’m about 6ft, 180lb, what type of mattresses can you recommend me, I currently have a Serta iComfort, I sleep on my back most of the time and sometimes my sides. I get a lot of lower back pain (bulging disk) and my current mattress, the center is kind of sunken in and its killing my back. Looking to purchase a new mattress, but having a hard time finding the right one. Also, I would prefer to sleep cool. Im looking for a queen size, my price range is up to $1200. Thanks!

Robert Wyatt says:

Hi Mike, Do you have a video ranking the online (delivered in a box)mattress from firm to soft? I am a heavier person (and a side sleeper) and, from your reviews, I am understanding that a firmer mattress might be necessary for better support. I appreciate your help! Thank you.

scupking says:

I currently have tried 2 zinus 12” gel memory foam beds. The first one was great and I had the best sleep for the first three months(all my back pains went away). After that it started losing its support and my back started to hurt again. I contacted zinus and they sent me another one. The second one they sent me was very soft from the start…. I’m 6,2, 230lbs and like a more firm bed. Would this be a good option for me?

Steve Khoury says:

Is it super firm? Lot of people say it s firmer than the other companies (purple/ casper etc). I am 5’8, some back issues but generally like less firm mattresses. Thanks a lot for your review!

Nikki Lettner says:

I am 5’8, female and weigh 125 pounds. I sleep primarily on my side and sometimes roll on to my back. I know I definitely don’t like mattresses that are too firm (probably due to me not weighing too much?). I tried the purple mattress and I dislike it so much – It is super hard on my back, shoulders and hips. I love the “sink in mattresses” but I am wondering if over time that will hurt my posture? What mattress would you recommend for me?

DJR5280 says:

I would ask why you haven’t reviewed the Nectar but with their shipping delays you’d probably get a review unit in a couple years.

Mike Keeler says:

Hope you can review this new mattress called Quilbed. Was considering Bear but Quilbed specs were best I’ve seen. Haven’t slept on it yet though??
Here is what I wrote on honestmattressreviews:

True Story
I came to this site saw the high marks on Quilbed but couldnt find any other source for a review. I thought this is strange. I even send a not so nice message to the mattress reviewer here claiming the review is B.S. (By the way completely owe you apology for that) Then, went to Quilbed website noticed they mentioned about this review and thought this is fishy. I examined their mattress but couldnt find specs anywhere. I dismissed the mattress as being any good for a variety of reasons.
Then I bought the Nectar literally this morning. In the meantime, I contacted Quilbed to get the specs on the mattress, but before I share this info. let me tell you the extent to which I had narrowed down my selections.

1. The negative reviews from people about Nectar was about delay orders, bad customer service, not receiving pillows,etc…things that people who never started a big business probably understand so I dismissed some of the ridiculous negative reviews. Some were completely unwarranted and I question the credibility.

2. I did an excel spread sheet with names of various mattresses across the top with these categories
a. Price
b. 1st layer
b. 2nd layer
c. 3rd layer
d. 4th layer

Essentially, I was looking for material in the 1st two layers that exceeded 3lbs density as more often than not this is high grade of material

3. On the left hand side, I listed every review site and their review # for each mattress whether that would be Nectar 4.6 out of 5 OR 9.3 out of 10

4. Here is the breakdown of the final 4 mattresses then I will explain how & why I chose Quilbed

The final 4 mattresses were Bear, GhostBed, Nectar, and Muse

NOTE: I really like the loom and leaf construction but the price of $1400 or $1500 for King not economical, I also was looking at Nest Alexander Signature which did very good in ratings/reviews, but I noticed the mattress layers change when you go from medium to firm. I was looking for firm so the amount of layers decrease and the quality imo also decreased

Here is the spec breakdown for each:

1″ graphit gel foam
2.5 Memory foam
3 lbs
6.5 Support Base
1.8 lbs

1.5″ latex
2″ gel memory foam
7.5″ base

1″ Gel Foam
3″ memory foam
3.5 lbs
1.75″ foam
5.25 ” base

2″ foam gel
2″ High Density Foam
8 ” base

Total inches of Matttress for each
Nectar =11

# of inches of foam 3lbs +
Bear =3.5
Ghost= 3.5
Nectar= 4

As you can see, Nectar had 4 layers, with a total of 11 inches. Their mattress was getting good reviews but their customer service kept coming up as issue.

After ordering the Nectar I cancelled a few hours later because I ORDERED THE QUILBED once I spoke and got the specifications from the company.


Here are the specs of the Quilbed:

TOTAL 11 inches

1st layer- 3 inches of 4.3lbs of a blue, pencil eraser looking, like mini coils memory foam

2nd layer- 3 inches of a 3.4 lbs of a Quil Foam

3rd layer- 5 inches of a 2.4lbs of a Eco Flex Base

Now, if you compare the specs of these mattresses you will also see hands down Quilbed offers the best bang for the buck. Let me dive in deeper.
The industry average, probably 90% of mattresses have a core base of the cheap 1.8lbs foam. It is what it is.
100% of the foam mattress internet companies , that I have research offer NO MORE than 4 inches of quality foam, that is, foam over 3lbs+
As you can see from above, only Nectar & Muse offered 4 inches of this.

Quilbed offers two things that are much much better, at least on paper

1. Layers 1 & Layers 2 are a whopping 6 inches of quality foam greater than 3lbs++
2. Their base is made of an unheard of 2.4 Lbs of foam

Again, these are only specs but dam that is impressive.

But, it does no good to date a supermodel if she has a bad personality.

While these specs are industry leading, I will come back after I fully can give my honest opinion on this mattress by sleeping on it over the next few weeks so stay tuned.
But right now, I am super excited for this new mattress!!

b says:

how does this compare to leesa?

Raymond Gellenbeck says:

**UPDATE** Bear has “softened” their mattress since this review. I bought a queen at the start of 2018 and love it. I then got a King from them in June and it was horribly soft in comparison. Bear confirmed they have altered their product. Bear that in mind as you watch this review.

Eduardo Alvear says:

I just purchased one. I’ve been binging on you since 4am this morning. I’m moving into a new apartment and needed to buy a new bed. I’ll make sure to return with my review! Goodbed, thanks for all you do!

henrytwohands says:

How does the Bear mattress compare to the Cocoon?

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