Best Bed in a Box Mattress Comparison – GhostBed vs Helix Sleep vs Nest Bedding vs Yogabed vs Zinus

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1st Mattress Comparison Video – Tuft & Needle, Casper, Leesa, Purple, Cocoon by Sealy and Bear Mattress:

Bed in a Box Mattress Comparison – GhostBed vs Helix Sleep vs Nest Bedding vs Yogabed vs Zinus. We are back at it again with another best mattress buyers guide. This time we have a Zinus mattress review, Helix mattress review and GhostBed reviews. We also have nest bedding reviews and Yogabed reviews. We enjoyed testing out all of these best bed in a box and mattress in a box companies. It’s tough to buy mattress online, espically with how many online mattress companies there are out there. We hope our mattress buying guide can help you choose the best foam mattress and find the online mattress sales. A couple of these matresses would probably end up on the list for best foam mattress or land on the list for top 10 mattresses. Anyways, we hope you enjoyed the video and found it helpful.

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GhostBed vs Purple Mattress Review:

Bear Mattress vs Cocoon by Sealy Review:

Cocoon by Sealy vs Casper Review:

Purple vs Cocoon by Sealy Review:

Bear Mattress vs Leesa Review:

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Bxnene Prodigy says:

Hey , I love the new things you show in your channel

Sherbert Junction says:

Which version of Nest bed did you try for this review, medium or firm? Thanks!

R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy says:

Ive owned my Symbol brand pillow top foam mattress for 10 yrs now. Never gets hot, no honeycombs. No movement. Its the best! After sleeping on it, i do believe it will be hard to beat with these because of the pillow top infused with aloe vera.

Kevin Cavanaugh says:

Tanda or Dromma reviews coming soon?

treeba531 says:

why reference Purple several times and not include them in this vid?

Perry F says:

I’ve had a ghostbed for over a year. Love it. I think it’s the thickest of the ones in the video.

Colin Grover says:

Can you guys look into the performaSleep mattress

Heather B says:

I just bought a helix and have been sleeping on it for about a week now. The bed literally doesn’t move lol my husband tosses and turns a lot and usually waking me up, since having this bed I haven’t woken up once to him moving or even getting up in the a.m. which is amazing considering I’m such a light sleeper.

Abhisekh Mahato says:

I remember i subscribed to your channel after watching review of UA charge 2. And I really liked. Since then am your fun, your reviews are honest and brief.

Suzanne P says:

I think I’m going to ask an impossible question here, but I’ve never even touched one of these kinds of beds. I already know I like pillow top beds, but how do I know which of all these beds is closest to that kind of feel/sleep? I thought I would like the Purple (from your other video) for pressure points, but in another vid I watched, the woman said she could feel those honeycombs and that would drive me nuts. You guys are using the 1-10 scale on firmness. Is it possible to say what a pillow top would be on that same scale, for reference? Or am I trying to compare apples to oranges here? LoL Thanks.

HuntingWolf82 says:

$250 off yoga bed plus 2 free pillows for labor day

IceNFire09 says:

My wife and I have been sleeping on our Helix since March and we both love it! I sleep very warm and used to wake up in a “sweat spot” a lot of mornings on a traditional mattress, but not any more. If you sleep with a partner and decide on the single zone, Helix will take a blend of your answers on the questionaire to find a good compromise between sleeping styles. I am a side sleeper and my wife is a back sleeper and we both have no issues being comfortable. One word of advice though: The mattresses do tend to run a little firm relative to your firmness preference. We picked a medium/soft mattress and to me the mattress feels like it is medium to medium/firm. Not really a complaint, just something to keep in mind when you get to that part of the questionaire.

Christopher Steinberg says:

I don’t want to be annoying but do you know when my headphones will be coming? Thx

Kevin Richards says:

Watching video’s about bed and have slept on a old couch given to me by my brother eight years ago.

Ryan Little says:

Man, I need to try out one of these beds LOL. BTW, when you wanna chat, Jeff?

Juny Henriquez says:

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the reviews

Stu’s Reviews says:

Is it just me, or does watching this video make you want to go and lie down?

BigggFuzzyG says:

Vid was just as good as the 1st. Only thing missin was the soft 2 firmness meter like in the original

Nik says:

Hey Jeff, do you know what is happening with the monkii bars 2?! Seems like it’s taking so long to bring to the public!

Mr. Mountains. says:

I’ve learned so much from these videos. Thank you very much.

Mervey Anderson says:

Have you tried China Chengfung direct $49 shipped? 12 inch firm with cool tech

robv60 says:

Holy hell! The ghostbed is a 4.75? shit its hard as a rock to me! Im screwed.

Pedro Guedes says:

Jeff, please review the new casper mattress, the Casper Wave, please!

Mark Jacob says:

I think I’m gonna go with helix..

Brad Allen says:

Super helpful video man! I’m a college student who’s been sleeping on the most uncomfortable old twin bed from a garage and I had no idea the bed in the box thing even existed before today. Subscribed!

That Guy says:

Lmao the borat clip caught me off guard

Rhounit says:

Awesome reviews guys! Can you review running shoes for over pronators?

Jose Eduardo Tschen says:

Hi Riz! I miss your tech reviews! I hope to see some new with the new Fitbit and Garmin ones!

Kevin Yi says:

Casper vs Helix?????? Which one should I buy??

J Rods says:

Jeff, what mattress do you and the GF personally own?

NEKNIM says:

Hey Jeff! So would you choose Bear or Helix? Thanks!

R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy says:

Nectar has lifetime warranty and 365 nights of free sleep.trial.

Beau Sullivan says:


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