Best Cooling Mattress | Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers (Our Top 5)

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➡ Purple:

➡ Bear Mattress:
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➡ Layla:
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Best Cooling Mattress | Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers – Our Top 5. We cover the best mattress for a hot sleeper and the best cooling mattresses. In this video, we have a mini Cocoon Chill by Sealy review, Purple mattress review and Bear mattress review. We also have a Layla mattress review and YogaBed review. We’ve tested well over 20 bed in a box mattresses so we have a good idea of which are the best for keeping you cool. If you want any more information, make sure to check out our website. We have a bunch of mattress reviews and mattress comparisons over there, including the posts about the Best Mattresses 2018 and Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers. We hope you enjoyed this video.

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Anthony Stake says:

Bears… Eat, sleep, and mating

shawn laubscher says:

Cats all the way. You never have to walk them

Rita Maria says:

For the price if the bear is cool enough I think bear.

But my favorite animal
They make it to where your life is miserable
You never sleep again and the closest you get to a comfortable mattress is watching YouTube videos…

No matter how much you treat
How many pros you bring
They are there.
Oh wait that’s my least favorite.

My favorite animal is any that kills and eats bedbugs.

Marianna Dewing says:


BornToBeEmerican says:


Jazzer 789 says:

Big help. Some folks sleep hot and this was very informative.

Tyler Sheinberg says:

Chimpanzees! Worked with them as a Great Ape Caregiver for 4 years

Chance Dixon says:


Chris Opolka says:


Illuminati089 says:

How cool is Layla compared to a regular spring mattress?

J Green31 says:

Sugar gliders – I had five of them as pets for about 6 months and they are awesome

Marky DT says:

I live in Arizona and I’m a warm temp person overall. I’m trying to find a way to have more cooler and restful nights of sleep. Thank you for this video.

Denver Anderson says:

A dolphin is my favorite animal but a dog is a close second.

Raul O. says:

goats are my favorite animals lol

Zosime22 says:


JAY LEE says:

Thanks for the info and discounts!

Michelle Manning says:

Dogs love my dog Shortie

sabrina says:

Tigers! I want to pet a tiger cub one day!

Ingrid Perdigón says:

Amy favorite is dog!


HELPFUL VIDEO for me as a “Hot” sleeper.
The comments are more of a Cat Dog fight.

henrytwohands says:

Do you find that the Bear gets firmer when you have a sheet on it?

JOKR 33 says:

I think i’m gonna go with Purple! Thank you guys!

S. Xavier says:


Anbergayel says:

They love back

valvesucker says:

I like a Purple raccoon asleep in a Cocoon more than a Bear

Michael says:

Every man needs a dog.

Jeff Wey says:

Does the Cocoon’s chill cooling loose its effeteness after some time? We have that problem with other cooling product that the it wears out after only a few months.

Zues Shamarn says:

Not finding the Purple to be cool enough for me. Starts out cool but waking up at some point due to the warmth being generated from the bed. May have to try the Chill.

Luis Martin says:

Up TV and/or sgktcb bag try personal people fly valley that

Tidus McCoy says:

Dogs – Welsh Pembrooke Corgis

freakout247 says:

Owls are badass!

Nischint Ramesh says:

Does the Layla sleep cool on both the sides? Or just the softer side?

Duane White says:

Dogs are the best

Tquick 12 says:


Joseph Parks says:


Anibal Maisonave says:

So bear is firmer than cocoon?

Wallie Cruz says:

Dogs, especially shih tzus ❤️

Gerry Lipsius says:

Saatva is cooler than most!

Joshua Piazza says:


Ryan Valerio says:

Fav animal is an eeeeeeagle! Ku-kaw!

Cr38IDBhrok3N says:

Just purchased a bear king… Used the 75 off coupon… Thanks for the deal and the reviews

MrFester says:

The intro to all the videos is way to long and starts to sound like a late night infomercial.

BamBamSam X says:

Dogs are my favorite

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