Best Cooling Mattress For Hot Sleepers & Sweaty People (TOP 7 BEDS!)

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Best Cooling Mattress For Hot Sleepers & Sweaty People (TOP 7 BEDS!). In this video, Jeff covers the best cooling beds and best beds for hot sleepers. Topics discussed in this video include mattress construction (innerspring, foam, hybrid, etc) as well as how soft or firm each mattress is. Jeff also touches on motion transfer isolation, edge support and what types of sleepers (side, back and stomach) each mattress in a box is best for. Overall, we really like all of these beds. Don’t be surprised to see a few of them land on the list for Best Mattress For Back Sleepers 2019 or Best Memory Foam Mattress 2019. Thanks for watching.

Link To Full Best Bed In A Box For Hot Sleepers List:

Link To Full Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review:

Link To Full Purple Mattress Review:

Link To Full Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review:

Link To Full GhostBed Luxe Review:

Link To Full Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review:

Link To Full Zenhaven Mattress Review:

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ultimantninja375 says:

Everyone sleeps, everyone needs to be watching this

Chase Morris says:

I am definitely a hot sleeper. I would probably choose ZenHaven or Avocado just because I am biased toward their awesome names 🙂

Budd Veverka says:

Went to Mattress Firm in CT to check out Purple. They stated they don’t carry Purple, but tried pushing us into Sleepy’s Cool. Do you have opinion on this mattress? Btw, I have lower back issues (herniated disc). Thanks.

Reddit ARTC says:

Riz’ Mattress

Kristina Li says:

brooklyn bedding!

Coleen Osmond says:

it sounds like most of these are going to be too firm for a side sleeper but thank you for another awesome video

Jeff Bilbo says:

How cool is Necter vs Purple? Thanks!

Julian Leon says:

Purple since i don’t sleep extremely hot but some airflow would be nice.

J DP says:

This is what I needed the see the most!!!!

Gamedaughter1 says:

I’m cold blooded as it is, I don’t need a cold bed LOL

Pat DiFeo says:

I wake up sweating sometimes, this is good information.

Jeromi Critikos says:

I’m a bit heavier but still really like my Purple Mattress. I would have went with the new generation but missed the cut off for my trial by 6 days. Guess it’s time for me to cut for the next few weeks.

Legionarius says:

thanks for lookin’ out for the big dogs 🙂

Crotalus_ 420 says:

The material on top of the purple mattress seems like sleeping on top of a Fleshlight.


what about bear 🙁

taylor lupa says:

Purple has a great silicon build that allows air to flow and not get hot

Blake Waddell says:

The new purples!

Nathan Skip says:

In this category, has this channel tried the “sheex” mattress and/or it’s sheets?

Paul says:

Purple 2,unlike Jeff I’m not light as feather so classic Purple would not suit my needs

ericyl chan says:

Purple; their Hyper-Elastic Polymer is not only a big slam of memory foam but gives you a better air flow like you said. And I’m living in a tropical country.

Mr. NURSE says:

What about bear? Don’t they run cool??

David Riehl says:

Could go with either Coccon or Purple. Both seem like they’d keep you cool during the night.

Kasey Miller says:

There’s so much more to this than I thought

Psoriasis Buddy says:

I’m not sure if you can get it in the US, but Otty has a cool gel foam top layer, and I have to say it makes a difference. UK is in a heatwave right now and haven’t had any overheating issues with our Otty mattress. It is super comfy too and the pillows are great.

Eric Sisk says:

Cocoon because I’m a back sleeper.

Mark Benitez says:

Purple mattress is best!

Clifton Riley says:

Great video! Do you have any experience with the restonic latex mattress?

IndianInAmerica says:

Hello, I wanted to know if you can give your feedback on the best mattress for a heavy person who sleep hot! I looked at a lot of your review videos on mattress, but I don’t know what mattress you would recommend ( I watched your video on your heavy person mattress). If you have a video that puts the 2 together that would be great or please message me. In all honesty after almost 100 hours of youtube video reviews on mattress, you have by far been the most helpful.

Vince Ancheta says:

Cocoon Chill seems like the best. Almost feels wet.

kigen818 says:

The coupon code doesn’t work for purple! Got anything else? Thanks!

Valentin Botiz says:

I will never buy another mattress before checking with you guys… great job

jiegermeister says:

Avocado! Organic!

SakuraGirl1987 says:

What are your thoughts on Muse?

Alex Molina says:

I have to disagree about the Cocoon Chill, it sleeps pretty hot. It is cool to the touch, but throughout the night warms up pretty significantly. I loved the firmness of the soft selection, but was too hot for me to keep. It was a pretty easy return. I also tried the Original Purple, which did sleep pretty cool but was too firm. Also returned that one. Hoping I can find a good mattress soon.

Tom Boyle says:

Does mattress firm sell purple. I was just there and tested their dreambed lux which looks and fells just like tempurpedics. I did not see purple there.

TheM1trix says:

If these mattresses keep you cool during the summer, does that mean that they cause you to freeze during the winter?

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