Casper Sleep Mattress Review – Unboxing + First Impressions + Full Review

This is sponsored video for Casper Sleep Mattress. Everything I say in the video is my honest opinion and as of 3-25-2016 I still love this mattress
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 • Casper is an online mattress retailer revolutionizing the mattress industry by providing the most comfortable mattresses, shipped to you, at 1/3 the price of a store bought mattress.

  • Sleep on your new mattress for 100 days and if you don’t love it, we’ll pick it up, no questions asked.

  • Casper’s one of a kind hybrid mattresses are American made and provide resilience and long lasting supportive comfort by combining premium latex foam with memory foam.

  • Engineered by ridiculously smart scientists and loved by moms, pro athletes, hungover 20-somethings, celebs and thousands of family pets.

Casper is so excited to have you use their mattress, they’ll let you sleep on it for 100 nights and if you don’t fricken love it… they’ll come pick it up, no questions.


jusgoonin says:

Blink once for yes The whole video for ……..

symet says:

Not one mention in video or by any of you supposed people uhhhhhhhhahhhhhhthe price?!?!?!?

Walter White says:

Who spends half their life sleeping?

Theresa Lockwood says:

Well that was interesting. An honest trust worthy review and simply put.

Penny Schindler says:

Is this a rightwing company? promoted by Rush Limbaugh?

Maggie W says:

Here’s my link for $50 off your Casper order! 🙂

Stuff I Like says:

this guy blinks so much. it trips me out.

Jon L. says:

paying it forward with a discount,

Noel Mendez says:

Nice review! Cute guy. perfection

jgosman12 says:

Here is a link for $50 off if the above link no longer works

Cuban Pete says:

Your boring as fuck bro put some soul in your voice brah

Kasia Sieluzycka says:

Here’s a current referral link for $50 off a Casper bed in case the other one doesn’t work anymore:

Mustafa Khalili says:

Here’s $50 off for anyone looking to purchase:

Jenn says:

That glass DEFINITELY budged, pal.

WOWCruiser says:

You really sold me that foam pad with your muscle tee… but better with your bare chest!!!

Kimmy L says:

Ur sexy I’d suck u off

Jerry B. says:

ok, they’re cheaper than some of the high end beds.  but not one third.  the highest rated inner spring mattress in Consumer Reports costs $1500 for a queen, a mattress that is considered “high end”.  So that’s not even double Casper’s price.  Cheaper?  Yes.  But let’s not exaggerate the savings.

Libby Emler says:

Use this link to get $50.00 off of your Casper Mattress:

beannie60 says:

How dose the Caspa hold up after 2 years?

Meli moreno says:

I’d love to try that mattress, with you

Davin DeJong says:

Why are you blinking so much?

ilikepandabears says:

Hey here is a referral link for $50 off!

Thanks Enjoy ^_^

Owen K. says:

The commercials are trippy af

Jenn Gosman says:
$50 off mattress if the above link is full

Gus Goose says:

Maybe Liberals sleep 12 hours a day… us Conservatives sleep less than 8 per day. Someone has to work right?

The Life By Yogik says:

Guess Casper successes gave them the impression they can now place the customer service 2nd place.
We received our Casper yesterday, there is probably foam defect on the top layer since there is one spot/area that feels extremely firm compare to the rest of the mattress. In fact it feels like there is something sticking out of the mattress when you lie on it.
There is nothing visible on top.
We contacted Casper chat, they asked us to call customer service than they asked to make photos,videos get under the mattress to take photo of the tagging.
Thew the mattress is extremely heavy king size, we did all they asked for.
Now they want us to lift the mattress take of all the “non removable cover” show them how the foams looks like.
Any other mattress company would replace or send a professional to check the product and at least exchange it under warranty.
Casper not interested in that… they want you to do the job, no matter how difficult or hard it is… after all- they have the money- you stuck with the damaged peace of foam – why should they care?!
We’re working very hard now on finding an alternative and return this ASAP under their 100 days return policy.
May be Casper has a great business model for a great price but don’t forget – some day some of us might need the warranty for a 1000$ product we paid for… and there will be no one to help you.

Gerson Campos says:

Use this link and get $50 off for free:

Sploek Griffy says:

haha this dude is sleeping 12 hours a day!?

Royal Tim says:

its actually a 1/3 of your life sleeping not half, and you dont use a box spring on memory foam fyi. didn’t like your video at all dont quit your day job.

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