Casper vs Purple vs Nectar Review (Mattress In A Box Comparison)

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Casper vs Purple vs Nectar Review – Mattress In A Box Comparison. We’ve received a a lot of requests for a Purple vs Casper and Casper vs Nectar mattress comparison. In this video, Matt walks you through the differences between these three bed in a box mattresses. Topics discussed include firmness, comfort and motion transfer. Matt also cover mattress construction (various foam layers), coolness and price. Overall, we like all three mattresses. Purple has the most unique feel and construction. We think Casper is a safe bet – it’s a very comfortable mattress and is good for all kinds of sleepers (stomach, back and side sleepers). Nectar is the most affordable of the three and has a nice, memory foam feel. There’s a good chance two or possible all three land on the list for Best Bed In A Box 2018 or Best Mattress In A Box 2018. Hope you enjoyed this Nectar vs Casper and Nectar vs Purple review. Thanks for watching.

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Rebeca Figueroa says:

I’m laughing right now because before the video started, a Nectar Mattress ad came up!


P.S. I know it wasn’t funny, it was just ironic. Ironic things are funny to me.

(I know I’m weird don’t judge me! I no need people to question my life style/choices! And grammar!)

Manny Velez says:

Leaning towards buying a Nectar but would love a free mattress from the monthly giveaway. Keep up the good work guys.

TiffT1112 12 says:

Can you guys do a review on Classic brands, Lucid and Dynasty. Please

Erobos Lamashtu says:

Thanx for this! Very insightful! ^__^

Amber Welper says:

Have you reviewed eight?

thiessbr says:

6 weeks after placing my order I’m told that it “should” ship at the end of next week, nearly 7 weeks after the order was placed and 5 weeks past the initial ship date given. Oh, and this is the third time I’ve been told the exact same thing. Simply terrible and the lack of communication on the delay has been very disappointing. Cancelled my order. Will see if I actually get my money back or if I need to file a fraud case against them.

Daini Marry says:

you did a great job by telling us the three key factors of all mattress.

1- Free shipping
2- Super Easy For Consumer
3- Free Trial
4- Life time warranty

I have also have review video you can watch here. .
let me know how is it … i started doing review video after watching your super fantastic videos . Thanks for your support to the community.

Amanda Dugan says:

I think I’m leaning towards the nectar – but do you know how the nectar compares with the puffy mattress?

Michael J. Vertucci says:

If all you know is Traditional Inner Spring??? Did after years add a 4″ Gel/Memory Topper!!! Thought we had a NEW BED untill it wore out… Where to go next?????

Lionzyy says:

Got a nectar ad

isaac lang says:

senior prank day “forget about your mustache”

Derek Fite says:

can these beds be re-boxed for moving? Thx, great video!

Sarah Wolfrom says:

Nectar is a brick and purple is a mush mess of purple alien flesh

Elevated Discourse says:

I spent about 80 nights on my purple mattress. I’m about to order the Nectar. I feel like when I’m sleeping on the purple mattress, I’m sliding all over the place, it doesn’t hold your body enough. I believe the body naturally wants to be cradeled in a way, and that’s the appeal of memory foam. With purple, you feel the squishy purple squares under you and you never feel like you’re in a good position. I felt like I was tossing and turning all night.

Lastly, I’m not sure how good or bad it really was because I haven’t slept on another mattress after all these nights.


Nephilim xHauntress says:

I love how I just watched a Nectar add then a Purple one plays on this video.

linda caldwell says:

We just bought one……

Christian McMillin says:

Thanks I was stuck on either necter or purple but your video was very informative so I think I’ma be going with necter good video

Pamela Sertich says:

I just got my Nectar and I love it

Derek Noto says:

I wish people would actually leave feedback about the mattresses discussed here instead of having to hear about everybody’s stupid dreams that no one cares about…

Hillcrest Heights says:

Great review…what to do?

WaterFire says:

Who else had a nectar ad at the beggining

Jason Muchnick says:

Sooooo… Who won?

Stroodabaga12345 says:

Thanks man this vid was really helpful!!!

jim lee says:


Gabe Eisner says:

So they’re all awesome. Hm.

don joe says:

Good clean and quick.
Nice review

Iphy Murphy says:

got a matress company ad before this. lol

PhotoBobBarker says:

can you guys try the Octaspring by Dormeo? I’ve been looking at them for a few years, but there is no place to even look at them anywhere near.

Nat Serrano says:

Casper is a Joke for side sleepers or anybody. It’s Like a jail mattress

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