Cheap/Budget Memory Foam mattress | Olee Sleep review

This is the 12 inch memory foam mattress by olee sleep, buy it on amazon here:
This is my old 10 inch one:

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Fleshfeast says:

Watching this while sitting on a mattress with metal springs stabbing my ass. I was eyeballing a $900 memory foam, but I might just get this instead.

Haylee Kang says:

dude…. good reviews!

Emma Martinez says:

i just purchase the 10in twin for my son and received it 2 day later/today. Paid $122 off there site with the 5% discount code OLSCOCT and i was impressed with the quality and price that i took advantage of there sale and coupon code for the 12in noblesse and paid in total $237 shipped just an hr ago. I was looking at topper for my current bed which is only 2-3yr old and it was too firm for me , but i was worried of the bed breaking in like my old cheap mattress that lasted literally 1 yr and had a huge creator in the center sinking me and my other half in, well i paid $1400 for my current mattress but wanted a quality memory foam topper but price difference was $60 – $80 from this bed in a box, so im keeping it as back up or may replace my bed and keep that just in case.

walt 1960sd says:

I have just started looking will check this out.. box stabbing was ‘”funny as all get out”

big richc82 says:

Good review


Scuba reviews always a great 5-10mins

big richc82 says:

At the company I work for its called decompressing I don’t think we make for them but I will check

Kennymason911 says:

Do a review with the bed and mattress fully assembled.

Jay Wise says:

2 hecks given.

DCG325 says:

Hilarious review!

Bubba Davis says:

This was hilarious! lol

Denise Marie says:

Thinking of purchasing an Twin Sized Olee mattress. If I was going to move, can I bend the mattress to stuff it into the back of a truck? Thank you!

DX1 O says:

Can I ask what size mattress was that and how is the mattress holding up?

Enteractive Media says:

worst. dad. ever.

By my window Broken glass says:

For some reason I thought you lived in a apartment, but no this is a house, I’m sorry I’m being weird, lol

Junior P Suarez says:

I have a question how does the new mattress feel after fully inflated ? Is it still feeling soft ?


Dude you should have way more subscribers! You content is good. But what I have noticed is that you dont ASK for the subscribtion. Within 10 sec.. you should ask for watchers to subscribe.

Nathan R says:

Kind of annoying to watch… More review less antics.

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