Costco Mattress Review – Novaform ComfortGrande

The Novaform Memory foam ComfortGrande mattress has been so comfotable. I no longer have lower back and neck pain. It was time for our mattress to be replaced. It was 10 years old. Costco’s return policy is like a dream. If for any reason we can return it at any time. I love that! I did a ton of research on memory foam mattresses and Novaform was at the top of the list. Thanks for watching!

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jia. Hubby’s name is Charles. Our little ones are Zara (4) and Ava (2). On my channel, you will find everything from working mom tips, organizing all of my cluttered spaces, Costco hauls and budgeting (my passion). I hope to inspire and encourage. I am by no means an expert but I hope we can share and learn from each other.
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The Life of a Homemaker says:

Glad to hear it is great!! We need to buy 2 more twin mattresses soon!

Myka Stauffer says:

Thanks for the review your so honest in your videos I love that<333

Divorced & Fabulous says:

I used to have a spring mattress, and for the last few years of owning it, I would get numb and painful shoulders from it. I got a cheap ($500) memory foam mattress from Menards, and it’s been awesome. My shoulders no longer hurt, and I sleep so much better! The first week was killer on it, but then it was fine. 🙂

Wanda Roach says:

I saw the mattress this week at Costco and we plan to buy one tomorrow for $540. As far as pillows go, I am also a side-sleeper. I love the “MY PILLOW” in a king size with plenty of stuffing, which they refer to as their “green” choice. I have given them as Christmas gifts and everyone seems to love them!! Thanks for the mattress info :))

The Buchanan Family says:

So glad it’s working well for you! Got to love Costco’s return policy though

beanmachine81 says:

great review, thanks

Jeanine Williams says:

we just bought it.
WE LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress. I made a video but don’t know how to upload it. If you have advice on how to upload it to your page. Id appreciate the help.
Thank you for the referral

superglidemustang says:

I just order the Queen Serafina Pearl model after much procrastination.
I’m optimistic that it was a good purchase after reading many reviews on the Costco and Consumers websites.
Thank you for the video.
P.S. I’m wondering if your still as happy with your mattress.

Katie Velin says:

Your channel is growing fast and I’m so happy for you !! yay!

Kemikyja4 Star says:

Thank you so much for your review!! We are in the market for a new mattress, and this is so helpful!!

Judith Stone says:

I have a memory foam mattress and my husband and I love it too. One thing I wish we had though is memory foam mattress with gel foam. We bought our son a memory foam gel mattress he loves it and it sleeps cooler. I am always too hot. I can tell you the best pillow to get. It is the best support no matter how you sleep. You must go to Walmart and order a subakawa buckwheat hull pillow. Once you get one you will never want anything else your neck will never hurt your shoulders will never hurt it is always cool because air goes through it and I will never sleep on anything is absolutely the purfect pillow no matter how you sleep. Get it.Judith Stone

Scott Fromowitz says:

Awesome review! I think I am going to pull the trigger on this mattress now. I am a stomach/side sleeper and I know you need a dense pillow that is flat while sleeping on your stomach. I really love my sleep number pillow for that. I am going to try the Ghostbed pillow as well since it is really designed for staying cool and made out of foam.

Taangela Bellamy says:

Thanks for the review. I recently got a card and my son needs a mattress

douchebaggins7 says:

Howdy, just enjoyed your review, got a new sub. My wife and I are going crazy looking at mattresses and really thinking about this one. Question, how do you like it now. Mattress still comfy and holding up well. Thank you.

Miss Pascale Jean says:

Congratulations Jia you made it 10000 subs. Keep going!

Rose Fitzgerald says:

You talk too much!

RoseAustin C. says:

Thanks for this review! I am in need of a new mattress as well. The bed that we have now is about 7 years old. I recently got diagnosed with scoliosis, so I have intense back, lower back, shoulder, and neck pain on a daily. In my opinion, I don’t mind spending more money on a bed. In fact, I think it’s a good investment. You spend 6-8 hours every single night on this bed and the quality of sleep you get really plays a big role on your mood throughout the day. I think I’m gonna have to take advantage of that Costco sale before it expires. Once again, thank you so much for sharing!

Adventures & Family says:

I love Costco and I need a new mattress! Thank you so much for this review ❤️

Barbi Ramage-Verney says:

Just bought this mattress at Costco – $699 – will watch to see if it goes on sale! Can’t wait to take it out of the box and try it out. I have two bad shoulders and Scoliosis so I wake up very stiff. I have tried many mattress toppers trying to get a better sleep and not wake in pain, and they didn’t work. we’ll see! If I don’t like it I know I can return it to Costco!
Here is a great pillow – I have 4 of them ! I am a side sleeper.

ross shopaholic says:

We also need a new mattress. Thanks for the review. Congrats on 10k

C CN says:

We purchased a firm memory foam mattress a few years ago and we love it! My husband’s back problems resolved within a few nights. I was afraid it’d be too firm, but it’s just right. I also use a contour memory foam pillow from Hautelook (Nordstrom Rack). It’s good for side sleeping. I believe sealy is the brand. Congrats on 10,000 subscribers, too!

Raymond Siu says:

So now your husband can go to the strip club at night and you won’t even know it because you can’t feel movement in your bed. Lol!!
Just kidding. Great review
I think Amazon also sells NovaForm mattress much cheaper with free shipping

Phil O says:

Check out the malouf convolution pillow

F Miles says:

I was so excited to see this review! I’ve been looking for a mattress and always wondered about the Costco ones, thanks!!

Natalie Marie says:

I’m also a side and tummy sleeper. I got a set of pillows from home goods. they are wonderful

Practically Prolific says:

This product could not be located by me for the same price on Costco’s website, but it is available in some stores for $699 for a cal king under item number 956421. On their website it is $799

Practically Prolific says:

This mattress is on sale on Costco’s recent ad! Yay!!!! Can you show which sheets you got at costco? Did you ever find a pillow you’re happy with?

Also: novaform makes a topper that costco sells-are you using a topper with this mattress?

Tita Aguilera says:

Great review! I buy my pillows at bed, bath and beyond. I usually get goose down. On there web page they have like a test to see what pillow works best. An other tip would be to not use king size pillows for sleeping, my parents own a king size bed and that has worked great for them, they buy full size pillows for each one of them and use their on set because king size tend to be more uncomfortable. If you have king size ones now, dont toss them, use them to make the bed so it looks nice but use the smaller ones to sleep.

Christa Brouse says:

Hi Jia! I have a (maybe weird) question. Did the mattress have a smell? When we have bought furniture before (not from Costco) there was always that new furniture smell. I’m wondering if the mattress had a smell?

Amy Jacobson says:

Thanks for this review. I’m intrigued.

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