Guide to Memory Foam & Hybrid Foam Mattresses – John Ryan Contemporary

Watch our handy guide and explanation about Memory & Hybrid Mattress Foams. Want to know exactly what each foam does and which is best? Find out more from the experts here with real demonstrations


Tanya Flames says:

I love British people they are so specific when they talk about products :D, thanks for the video.

John J. King, Jr. says:

Dude, thank u for making it simple!

Sparkle teal Shine says:

I wish they sell memory foam at Walmart but half a size of that like for about $5 in north America

Dracken09 says:

helpful, but you didn’t show the latex.

Gina Martinez says:

Very helpful, thank you!!

justgivemethetruth says:

Pee Wee Herman’s kid ??

Vicki Strong says:

Very informative and useful video! Thank you

TannerD06 says:

Good Informative video. Only comment I have is in your future videos search for information instead of guessing. In the beginning you said, “Memory has probably been around for a good 20 odd years.” A simple google search and you could have sounded like you really know what you’re talking about by saying, “Memory foam was invented in 1966 by NASA’s space engineers in order to provide safe travels for human beings attempting to land on the moon!”…… Doesn’t the second one sound better? Keep up the hard work!

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