Layla Mattress – Copper Infused – Flippable Firmness Memory Foam Mattress

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Excellent US mattress for excellent value. The most unique feature of the Layla is that one side is soft, and the other side firm. You can flip the mattress based on how you prefer to sleep! The versatility is great – we slept on the softer side and woke up rested and happy! The firmer side definitely feels different – we didn’t “settle in” as deeply on the firm side. However, the quality of the Layla is such that either side was comfortable, even though we both prefer very different firmness levels. In the last few days, a cold front has blown through, and our sleep mattress kept us comfortable during the sudden change from 75 degree mornings to 50 degree mornings. And the best part is if this top rated mattress doesn’t work out after 120 nights, Layla will take it back, no questions asked. And the mattress has a lifetime warranty against defects. It gives great peace of mind knowing Layla is willing to stand behind their product.

This is one of the best memory foam mattress you can buy. There is no other bed in a box that has so many features. Great bed for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

king size mattress dimensions: 76x80x10 inches
queen size mattress dimensions: 60x80x10 inches
twin size mattress dimensions: 38x74x10 inches

This is one of top rated mattresses. We loved our Layla!

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Becky Brooks says:

Looks like a great mattress. I love that you showed the entire inside of
the mattress and how each side works so I know what I am buying.

Khai Bui says:

what part of the mattress is cover by the lifetime warranty ,the mattress and the cover or the mattress only?. talked to sale rep he said lifetime warranty for the mattress only

Melinda Abshire says:

Mattress looks incredibly comfy! Really love that they give you a choice between the soft and hard side of mattress, the cooling effect is awesome too!

Sean Mahoney says:

The Layla Mattress is a top notch choice.

Sara Brown says:

This mattress sounds like it would be right up my alley! I am always getting over-heated sleeping at night and I would like to have a choice between a firm or soft mattress.

Miguel Corintino says:

Seems like this would really help me sleep a lot better I need to buy one for myself

Mark Jacob says:

How’s this mattress support a 260 lb. Plus man? I am not seeing the link on here???

Cathrine Hilton says:

Looks like a great mattress. May have to invest in one.

Tim Schunk says:

I like that it has the cooling component. The flippable for firm/soft is great too.

TuRon Davis says:

This mattress looks exceptionally comfortable and I would definitely buy this

Mike D says:

I have slept on firm coil mattresses most of my life but since I had some changes in my body, I needed something more pressure relieving and it didn’t take me long to get used to it. I like sleeping in most positions and the soft side enables me to do that without feeling stuck. I don’t get overheated. Last year the hotel mattress felt way better than my old mattress but this year my new Layla feels a lot better than the hotel mattress and way better than a previous mattress that I tried 🙂 Keep in mind, depending on where you live, the foam gets softer in warmer temps or firmer in cooler temps. All foam mattresses will soften to a certain degree over time when you use it regardless of temps.

Naila Tabassum says:

Best Sleep Everrrrr!! Thank you for such amazing product.

Susan Cheney says:

I am in the market for a new mattress and this one looks great! It contours to your body and keeps you comfortable and cool. The pattern on the mattress and removable cover is very unique. I am amazed that it in such a small package when it arrives. The best part about this mattress is the life time warranty.

David Guitter says:

This is very nice. I want try

john alex says:

looks like this foam is very comfortable and very usable. I would like to buy this.

kar mel says:

This is an interesting introduction. I would like to buy this mattress.

Omxlette says:

This looks so comfortable! I’m thinking of actually buying it!

Ferdous Alam says:

Its very comfortable.I love Layla mattress so much.

IamMartiann says:

So awesome! I would love one of these.

Mona Ladyconsumer says:

So many great reasons to use this mattress. Having the ability to really test it out before committing is a great option! And flipping makes this very versatile and long-lasting.

Navila Heistina says:

Choosing a best mattress based on your sleeping position , Layla mattress are designed to provide the support and comfort we need to relax and rest. In which case or instance, I’m strongly recommended it.

Michale Silver says:

Great mattress to try especially for people who have a hard time sleeping!

Edward Weiss says:

I need a bed like that!

Ranathunga Ranathunga says:

very clear explanation… i like to try it….so happy to hear about free shipping and trial time…..Just wondering about price and about copper infuse…..looks cool……

Delilah Kaufman says:

i need this so bad!!

Luke H says:

I found this to be very interesting!

TecH Shuvo says:

This is a good video. I like it.

madhab panta says:

i love it. my friend told me it’s really comfort feeling and relaxing.i also want to use it

Blake Fisk says:

This is something I’d love to try!

Constance J.Simones says:

This is the best Foam Mattress with 50$ coupon.Really make good sense in this product

Josh L says:

Would you prefer Layla over Nectar? I have a Nectar and I love it. However, the Layla mattress is very appealing to me due to it being versatile.

Megs Rants says:

Awesome video! Looks super comfy

Aman Vaidya says:

Very good video. Helpful for people who have difficulty sleeping.

Just Some Guy Alex says:

Really thinking about getting this!

David Rigato says:

Great video. Very informative. Looks like a great bed.

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