Layla Mattress Review – Is This Flippable Comfort? (2018 UPDATE)

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The Layla mattress, from Layla Sleep, is a flippable mattress that gives you two firmness options.

The softer side, with its 3” of copper-infused memory foam, is ideal for side sleepers and lighter back sleepers. The firmer side has only 1” of the copper-infused memory foam and is better for stomach sleepers or heavier back sleepers.

On the softer side, I sunk in, but never felt stuck. It was easy to move around on the mattress. I felt great pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. On my back, I also felt some good contouring.

On the firmer side, I got proper support on my hips.

The Layla, on either side, is also a great choice for hot sleepers. The Thermogel-infused cover and copper infused memory foam combine both help with cooling. The transition layer also has air channels to help with airflow.

Also, the Layla bed is an amazing value for what you are getting. It has the feeling of a much more expensive Tempur-Pedic, but at a much more affordable price.

This could also be a good option for couples. The Layla features good motion isolation and nice edge support, especially on the firmer side. You shouldn’t be disturbed by your partner’s movement during the night.

However, If you don’t like that classic, memory foam feel, the Layla may not be the best choice for you. You surely get that slow sinking feeling with the Layla.

Also, if you are a heavier person, this mattress may be too firm for you. You may press through the upper layers, and feel that firm support layer beneath.

While it is great to have a flippable mattress, it is quite a chore to unzip, flip, and rezip the cover – it is definitely a two-person job.

Overall, the Layla is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on. If you are heavier or like something more supportive, I would try the firmer side or opt for a firmer mattress.

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Jonathan Berman says:

I appreciate this review more than most simply due to the attention to detail… adding the pressure mat test was a great attention to detail and going above and beyond what you usually see.

tasrn7 says:

the softer side

Terry Abshire says:

do you think its softer than a zinus mattress?

Susana Herrera says:

Is there final taxes added to the price of the king matress? What is the total cost.

1lulublue says:

both side

Joann Momanyi says:


valeda lanteigne says:

60 inch

Caroline Lesage G says:

cold mattress

Amber Vaughn says:


RUKrisfan07 H says:

I think I would prefer the soft side, too. But, since the mattress is flippable, I would try out the firmer side as well, to figure out which side I would like the most.

Mary Harding says:

It look comfortable it also can be turned over It looks strong enough durable what else do you need !!!I just wish I could afford to by this mistress

Yukita Unyque Manuel says:

Nest bedding Pillow is my favorite of all time..

Kelly Isham says:

The soft side

Angela Russell says:

Layla or Leesa…which is more comfortable and sleeps cooler? I’m so torn.

Stephanie Finchem says:

I prefer the soft

Thuy Vu says:

I like the soft side

Kimberly Rousselle says:

Love the foam it give betterconfort

Tonya Tipton says:

I would like the soft side of the Layla Mattress.

ColieK A says:

My husband and I just purchased thus bed today. It should are e in about 4 or 5 days. I’m very excited to try it! I can come back with an update.

connie55007 says:

soft side

Rosie Britton says:


valerie ann says:

the soft side

Tonto Epstein says:

Whichever pillow provides the best neck support.

Aubrey Daniels says:

Soft side

carrie Capehart says:

I think i would love the soft side

Hannah Lacey says:

I think I would prefer the soft side!

Mattress Clarity says:

It looks like a lot of people would pick the soft side of this mattress! If you haven’t let us know what side you’d prefer, leave a comment below!

Rose Tente says:

I Love the soft side

Sunney Johnson says:

Definitely the soft side

Tanner Immel says:

I am 230 and a strick side sleeper i perfer a pluser mattress any suggestions.

Anthony says:

I see the heading for your demo says “Flippable’, and yet I saw nothing about it being shown as Flippable. Perhaps, you could explain? Flippable to me, meant it is capable of flipping it over as I have done with previous mattress’s i had, prior to these memory foam type. I am a senior and with my memory mattress and adjustable bed, it became impossible to put a clean fitted sheet on a Full size bed, It took 2 strong guys and they struggled, believe me, to flip it on its back side. The reason it was flipped cause the sheets kept coming off during the sleeping mode the following morning, regardless if they were deep pocketed sheets which is mandatory with these type of mattress’s. Also, sheets have to be changed quite oftem. Why not show a demo of just changing sheets, other than the comfort of the mattress’s, which are not deniable.

Kaizen Fashion says:

I would prefer the soft side!

Bran Sparks says:

soft for sure

Melanie Comeau says:

How comfortable it is

Sandy Reis says:

i love a good soft comfy bed too

Anik Basque says:

looks like a great matress

Shawnna Kellam says:

I think I’ll like everything it has to offer!

Jolene Steinhorst says:

I’m pretty sure I’d like the soft side as I’m a side sleeper and like the compression and relief

Elizabeth Thrailkill says:

Firm – informative video.

Jerry Marquardt says:

Thanks for sharing the Layla Mattress Review – Is This Flippable Comfort update.

futurowoman says:

This is the Layla video – it looks amazing!

Ana Ortiz says:


TeeTee41 says:


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