Leesa Mattress Review by GoodBed.com

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Leesa mattress, made with “Avena” foam + memory foam…

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Time Chapter
0:04 Introduction
1:18 Comfort Level
1:59 Materials & Construction
5:06 Back Support
9:23 Pressure Relief
11:39 Responsiveness
13:58 Cushioning Depth
15:23 Motion Isolation
17:31 Temperature
19:29 Edge Support
21:01 Repositioning
22:04 Price & Value
24:33 Return Policy
25:15 Summary
27:04 Final Thoughts

Update (2/17): The pricing for the Leesa mattress has recently been increased relative to the price mentioned in the video. The queen size price has increased from $890 to $940.


Aisling Silva says:

I am a side sleeper, and the mattress I use now gives me horrible pain in my shoulder when i wake up each morning. I go to see a chiropractor often. What is the best mattress you’ve found for side-sleepers? I’m average weight and size. We’ve been oscillating between the purple mattress, tuft & needle, and leesa.

DrDennis77 says:

Mic issues.

Jeanine Osorio says:

Thank you for the review. I’m very interested in this mattress, but I live in Vegas. Do you think is going to feel hot during summer? 110~115 degrees

Mack Pickle says:

Thanks for the very thorough review! I am leaning towards the Leesa with the Casper being number 2. (I wish that I could try them side-by-side!). I have a question that I have not seen addressed in any reviews. We keep our room very cool in the winter and use a heated mattress pad to pre-warm the bed. Can heated mattress pads or electric blankets be used with memory foam and hybrid mattresses?

thebrain222 says:

I may have missed it. but one selling point to me was there charitable giving. they have a 10-1 policy. every 10 they sell they give one to homeless shelters or charity. it was the tipping point for me. great reviews and a company with a heart.

alan ross says:

i dont understand how you say Avena foam is more responsive than normal polyurethane foam, to me it feels the same. My understanding is that Avena foam is simply poly foam with a patented way of pouring, meaning a subtle difference in the real world if any. The fact that they remove much of the material to make air channels means you actually have less material per cubic foot than the specs suggest and is responsible for any difference you feel compared to so called normal poly foam.

KP M says:

Thank you GoodBed for the incredibly comprehensive review!

Karl Anderson says:

Mike, Thank you for your articulate and comprehensive review. One question: in reviews on the Leesa website, many customers complain about the offgassing issue and how the smell persists for quite a long time, in some cases. Can you share your experience about how quickly or slowly the smell dissipates?

SimpleMan.45 says:

Would this mattress aork for someone who is 230 pounds?

sky high says:

Hi I need your recommendation. I’m looking for a new mattress, mostly for my wife. She’s 125 lbs, side and back sleeper. She had back pain issue. I do have a mattress in mine loom and leaf. But I don’t know if it’s right mattress for her. Any recommendation?

Ryan Mcdougall says:

You’ve got to fix the microphone issues, hard to watch, please. Otherwise, great reviews, many thanks!

Cesar Cantos says:

Very thorough review, which is greatly appreciated. I am currently looking for a new mattress like others here. I wake up VERY often throughout the night which shoulder/back/neck pain and limb numbness.
I’m 5’9, 240 lbs. I workout intensely which might also be part of the back pain? I have quite broad shoulders and a normal size waist/hips. I also tend to shift weight from 210 to 240 through the years. so you think I’d bottom out at 240-250 lbs? I have been considering the purple, saatva, loom and leaf, and recently leesa. would the leesa fit my needs?

Dave Evans says:

Good review, thanks! We have a traditional box spring and I do not want to lose the height of our bed. Their website says that we should have a firm foundation underneath. Can I just screw a piece of plywood on top of the box spring frame and call it done? Or can I just use it on the box spring (without warranty issues)?

Todd Stewart says:

Do you think this bed would be good for someone with scoliosis? I have a purple mattress now and I am getting pain in my upper back. Thinking about trying this bed out before 100 night trial is up on my purple to see if this helps or not. Thanks

Nathan L says:

Good review

BoondockST13 says:

another awesome review. do you guys have one for the purple?

Laser Lens says:

so I have another question. how would the Leesa compare in firmness to an IKEA Myrbacka bed? They seem to have similar construction. I found the IKEA one to be very supportive but a little too firm, and if they are about the same what would be a softer alternative to them?

Rimz808 says:

Very thorough review! Well done and very helpful.

Scumerican says:

What if im 280 and im a side sleeper???

MumzyTube Susan says:

I’m considering trying out a Leesa mattress… what I would like to know is I only have a slatted support on my bed frame.. is thies sufficient for the mattress they are about 3 inches apart.. or will I have to purchase a flat board as well? thank you for these reviews.. so helpful

Laser Lens says:

How would the firmness compare to a euro top or pillow top?

csohocki says:

First, thank you for the incredibly thorough review! Very refreshing after days of research with clearly biased reviewers and fake reviews. Second, I’m between the Leesa and the Ghost Bed. I currently have the Casper and like it, but it has sagged a little on the sides after 1.5 years (not enough to matter though), and I’m in the market for a larger sized bed. I’m fall asleep on my stomach and generally wake up on my back. I’m about the same height and weight as you (6 ft, ~200 lbs). Would you recommend the Leesa or the Ghost Bed?

kernick says:

Nice looking bowling pin you’ve got there. You two still together?

tgod215 says:

I’m going back and forth between the Leesa and a memory foam bed from Amazon, such as Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress. Do you think the extra money for the Leesa is worth it? It’s about a $400 difference

Bob B says:

Ok so let me ask you. What is the BEST one to get? I have a pillow top now and it has sunk in the middle. My GF falls into me.

So whats the best to get then? I don’t want to lay on wood, but I don’t want another pillow top feel either

Miles Therkelsen says:

Im 155 and 5′ 9 and not sure what mattress to get ive been looking into this and purple. im a side sleeper but not sure about the leesa now after watching your video. what do you recommend.

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