Loom and Leaf firm memory foam mattress.

Loom & Leaf firm California King mattress review


Denise Milfort says:

I love that your review is 60 days after you’ve been sleeping on it
🙂 Thank you!

zero says:

give us a update on the mattress

Bobby J. Hall says:

keep in mind the firm gets softer over time. The relaxed firm gets really soft over time which I want crazy about. I need to do a new video.

Bobby J. Hall says:

The relaxed firm is too soft for me. You kind of sink into the bed. The firm gives over time.

Bobby J. Hall says:

I also didn’t like how the relaxed firm felt sitting up in bed watching TV.

Julie Hedges says:

can’t find your Relaxed Firm review. Can you provide me link?

sfink16 says:

Did I misunderstand that you have a review for the relaxed firm as well? I looked at your uploads and couldn’t find it. I am also 6’6″ tall and weight about 245 lbs (sometimes going as high as 255), built somewhat similar to you. As a side sleeper I wake up in pain in my shoulders using my current hybrid mattress.

ssneni84 says:

Hello! I just got the relaxed firm and sitting on it gives the sinking in feeling which is not very comfortable. Do you think I should try it for a week and switch to firm? I am hesitant that firm might be too firm? Thanks!

Adrian _ says:

Is this mattress certified organic and did you get any chemical smell with it? I am similar size as yourself and would prefer firm, but how did it do for your wife?

Shamsi Hassan says:


cjc90 says:

Bobby did you keep this matress? thoughts?

Royal Ham says:

Do you have the low profile or the standard foundation? Also, do you conceal your foundation with a fitted sheet or a bedskirt? Or do you have it exposed?

marifroggy says:

They need to send you a check for the review… haha

Hunter Barrow says:

Hey Bobby. I’m a pretty big dude. Is the firm still fairly soft (like seems to indent fairly easily when you sat/laid down)? I would think the firm would be better in terms of support.

exittiming M says:

I like mattresses that confirms to my body lol

Bobby J. Hall says:

I really like the firm. It gets better with time.

marifroggy says:

Great review!

wakeywakey says:

this is the exact mattress and firmness i was searching for on reviews. thx for posting

Stephanie Shearer says:

do you think this firmness is better for heavier people

Scott Bier says:

Did you ever post the relax firm review? I didn’t see it.

T Bone says:

Hi Bobby, I am seeing conflicting comments on which firmness you ended up liking better. Can you please respond and tell me which 1 you liked better after spending time on both? I am 6’2 290 with chronic back pain. I just ordered the Relaxed Firm but am having doubts on switching to the firm. I will be sleeping alone on it also and I sleep on my side. Giving you my info hoping you might lead me the right way. I wont be sitting up in it like you were because I have an adjustable base. Again which did you like best and would you recommend the same for me?

Bobby J. Hall says:

I switched back to the firm. the relaxed firm was a little to soft for me. The firm does take a little getting use to.

Stephanie Shearer says:

do you think this firmness is b

C Carm says:

Your video helped in me making a decision to go with Saatva coil model…God Bless and Thank U

Travis says:

That’s a lot of shoes

Corey Proctor says:

firm i prefer…sounds like s decent mattress

Daniel Barker says:

Thanks for the review! First time buying a mattress PUMPED

David Horne says:

short and to the point video, thanks for the review.

Rob Combs says:

Thanks for the review! I’m going to buy one of these but I can’t decide on which firmness version. How does your wife feel about the extra firm version? I weigh about 40 more pounds than her. Does she sleep comfortably on it?

Kevin Mogs says:

Whered you get it from brah?

Cerron Pritchett says:

I’m leaning more toward the relaxed firm I need the support but don’t want to feel like I am sleeping on the floor because trust me I have slept on the firm and that’s not fun at all!

BA Waits says:

Do you have any pressure points when sleeping on this mattress and roes it get hot?

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